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Because I am a shameless outfit repeater, last weekend I wore this black ASOS dress again. (I also used my super-powers to turn the whole world black and white, except my shoes. Yes, I can do stuff like that. You should fear me.) It has totally become my Most Favourite Dress in the Wold, Ever. Or until next week, anyway. In fact, I’m going out tomorrow night, and I may even wear it again. This is why I’m not a daily outfit blogger.

These photos were actually taken for the final installment of my Shoe Challenge, which ended this week, with me having dutifully worn and photographed every single pair of shoes I own in the space of a year. I’m very relieved that’s it’s over. I’m also still doing THAT hairstyle, although at this point it’s mostly because I’ve entered into one of my regular “I Hate My Hair” phases, which hasn’t been helped by the realisation on Wednesday morning that one side of my hair is longer than the other side. Which is why I’m going to have to bite the bullet and pay a visit to the torture chamber hairdresser this afternoon. I’ve avoided this for months now, but it looks like I have no choice.  (Admission: don’t all shout at me at once, but I have seriously considered trying to trim it myself, or get Terry to do it. THAT’S how much I hate having my hair cut.) Once my little “lopsided” problem is resolved, though, I should be good for another six months or so. Or possibly forever. And I’ll end up like Rapunzel, or one of those crazy women you see on the news every so often who don’t cut their hair for fifty years and end up in the Guinness Book of Records. So that’s something to look forward to, I guess.

Anyone else frocking today? Join us here if you are!

  1. oh, have the same hair-dresser phobia, and have actually trimmed my hair myself (SO WRONG) after I asked my own boyfriend to do it, and he obviously refused to risk being murdered if anything did go wrong. All I could do was beg, assure him that under no circumstance would I become a monster if things didn’t work out, that I would not blame it and blah blah…to no avail. The result? it was a disaster. But I never learn, that’s why this past weekend I tried to modify my fringe by trying to create a side-sweep effect… Someone needs to take away from me all scissors and direct me to a decent hair salon 🙁

  2. I will be frocking tonight — not sure if that counts, though. ASOS just opened their online store for the US, right? Maybe I’ll pop over there and resist the urge to buy everything.

  3. Oh… I dread the hair-stylist. But I got a really good one recommended to me recently, specializing in hairstyles I prefer (vintage mostly) so I might pay her a visit soon. Today, however, I will attempt to do things to my hair myself, mostly with dye(s). Still trying to think of the right colour scheme though…

  4. I only cut my hair. I hate hairdressers. I know I shouldn’t and it probably doesn’t look amazing, but at least I know it’s my fault and it didn’t cost me anything.

    I love that dress too, retro chic and totally timeless.

  5. Wow, you look amazing! I definitely can relate to the hair thing. My hair drives me nuts, its very fine and thin, so there isn’t much I can do with it, and it doesn’t hold style well. I had my first hair cut in about a year this past January.

  6. It’s no good Amber, I have resisted so far but the will power has given out. I have been following your blog for about a month now and have been using my time at work to catch up with the archives. I love all the stories of you, Terry, Rubin and assorted extras (the lady in her dressing gown, the kids in the swimming pool, Pepe the parrot, the bathroom radiator) but mainly the reason I follow so avidly (you are probably reading this thinking “another stalker, oh god”) is because of your wardrobe. I am a little bit obsessed with all the dresses as I have only recently decided I need more of them in my life. The will power collapse is in reference to this ASOS dress. I have managed to just be content with gazing whistfully at it on the ASOS website ever since you posted the pic of you wearing it at Christmas but I’ve cracked. I’m sure you know the feeling. It could have been worse I suppose, I could have bought half of Pin Up Girl Clothing after your recommendation (50s style dresses are just fantastic).
    Anyway, just to say I love the blog, love the writing and love the outfits. Thank you!

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