Totally gratuitous photos of my new shoes

So, my Shoe Challenge ends next Wednesday (not that I’ve been counting down the days until it’s over, you understand…), but I’ve not exactly been making it easy on myself, because despite promising myself I wouldn’t buy any more shoes this close to the end, first I bought my Barley2 boots, and then I had to go and buy these little Kurt Geiger beauties:

And yes, I do mean “had to”: I mean, I’d been coveting them for MONTHS, then Kurt Geiger went and put them on sale, and sent me a handy little email to tell me about it, and I chose to take it as a SIGN.

My hair gets more ridiculous by the day. Every week I manage to add another centimetre or two to the height: I’m hoping that by the time Christmas rolls around again, it’ll have reached Marge Simpson-style proportions, and I’ll be able to keep things in it, like lipstick, say, or maybe some small woodland animals.

I want to wear them all the time. All. The. Time. Even when I’m relaxing casually at home with gigantic hair.

This is not a dress. I just cunningly made it look like one by use of a belt. Terry still insists on calling it “a dress”, though.

Three more pairs of shoes to go, and then I’ll have “rescued” them all. Then I can start shopping again…

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  • Reply January 18, 2011


    @foreveramber Wow – you look totally fantastic! Like a dream from the 1960s! Great work, and great photography too!

  • Reply January 18, 2011


    Iove it. Gorgeous shoes and you look smashing!

  • Reply January 18, 2011

    The Style Box

    Those shoes are blooming fantastic! I don’t blame you for buying them! You have the best shoe closet I’ve ever seen! And that’s nothing to be ashamed of! If it makes you happy then do it!

  • Reply January 18, 2011


    I adore this entire post! The hair, the “dress” and especially the shoes!

  • Reply January 18, 2011


    Drop dead gorgeous shoes. Would have been a sin not to buy them. A sin that you were never likely to commit ;)

  • Reply January 18, 2011


    You look absolutely smashing in those photos, and those shoes look like they were made with you in mind!

  • Reply January 18, 2011

    Fashion Limbo

    I almost fainted at the sight of those AMAZING shoes…!!!! shoe porn, seriously wrong and sooooooo good!!
    Gotta love KG, I’m in awe, that is all :)

  • Reply January 18, 2011


    You were meant to have them! “Signs” are there for a reason haha!
    Beautiful shoes!

  • Reply January 19, 2011


    I should think you’d want to keep more important things in your hair, like chocolate. Love the shoes!

  • Reply January 19, 2011


    Haha this is quite timely Amber!

    I had on MY beautiful black and white shoes today that I absolutely love. They’re not really for walking in though… Check them on out my blog, they get so many comments from people every time I wear them!

    By the way, you say the dress you have on isn’t actually a dress, good going, it is very believable as one, it’s a gorgeous combination!

  • Reply January 19, 2011


    love the hair, love the shoes, love the “dress” :)) and am also so hoping it could be spring already:))

  • Reply January 20, 2011


    lookin fantastic kid auld paw X

  • Reply January 21, 2011


    long time reader, newbie commenter here…

    Just had to say how much I love those shoes. No idea how you stand up/walk in them but they are sexual! Your hair is also immense. Well done.

    Ruth x

  • Reply January 21, 2011


    I just LOVE the hair. I have total hair envy. Mine’s not nearly as long as yours, but I really need to start working on the volume.

  • Reply January 25, 2011

    Ella Mode

    A) Your hair is fabulous!
    B) If you want to wear them all the time, then it was a good “end of challenge” buy; they win!
    C) I’m surprised you seem to want to salvage every pair. Of course, I haven’t gotten rid of any shoes for years. I have uncomfy flats, old-old un-cutes, etc. Threw all the bad ones in a box to purge soon. Yay. I don’t know your situation on that.
    D) BTW, it’s coming closer to a year since I bought sky-high Louboutins (my short-feet’s limit is under 4″, which these are) for $6 at that Outnet sale, and I have no clue when I might wear them aside from Miami Fashion Week (and when again after that? The one next year? Haha). That’s a great excuse to go (my “escort” doesn’t want to and a couple months ago I didn’t mind not going but I think we will). Not that those shoes are ever leaving my collection; they were practically free anyway, but more importantly, special and precious. Not that I’m partaking in your challenge, but I do support it for many!

  • Reply January 26, 2011


    love your shoes! well the whole outfit! :)

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