Totally gratuitous photos of my new shoes

So, my Shoe Challenge ends next Wednesday (not that I’ve been counting down the days until it’s over, you understand…), but I’ve not exactly been making it easy on myself, because despite promising myself I wouldn’t buy any more shoes this close to the end, first I bought my Barley2 boots, and then I had to go and buy these little Kurt Geiger beauties:

And yes, I do mean “had to”: I mean, I’d been coveting them for MONTHS, then Kurt Geiger went and put them on sale, and sent me a handy little email to tell me about it, and I chose to take it as a SIGN.

My hair gets more ridiculous by the day. Every week I manage to add another centimetre or two to the height: I’m hoping that by the time Christmas rolls around again, it’ll have reached Marge Simpson-style proportions, and I’ll be able to keep things in it, like lipstick, say, or maybe some small woodland animals.

I want to wear them all the time. All. The. Time. Even when I’m relaxing casually at home with gigantic hair.

This is not a dress. I just cunningly made it look like one by use of a belt. Terry still insists on calling it “a dress”, though.

Three more pairs of shoes to go, and then I’ll have “rescued” them all. Then I can start shopping again…