Video: Tenerife 2010

Well, 2011 has come in like a lion, which is a bit weird, really, because that’s supposed to be March’s job. I wonder what March will come in like now that January’s stolen its thunder? (Or its, er, lion, rather.)

First, there was the lurgy. Terry had the flu, I had The Daggers, we both had The Miserable. Then there was some exciting work-related news, which caused us to pop open the champagne, because really, any excuse. Then there was some not-so-great work-related-news, but we didn’t care because we’d had the champagne by then. There was also food. A LOT of food. Oh, so much food! In fact, there was so much food, and so many late nights and things to do/people to see that to be completely honest, I’m actually quite glad that the “festive” season is over and I can start getting back to some sort of normality. I just have a few boxes of chocolate left to eat, and then I can declare Christmas officially over. I might just go and eat them now, actually, get it over with.

Anyway, I have¬† a lot of work I should be doing, so here are some clips Terry filmed of our holiday. It’s mostly sunsets, but they’re pretty, so enjoy…


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