Another Amber Impersonator Uncovered

Remember the time someone impersonated me on a forum?

Or the time someone impersonated me on a social network?

(Let’s not even mention all those times I’ve popped up modelling shoes and makeup on other people’s eBay accounts. Whoops, just did!)

Can you even BELIEVE that would happen again, readers? Because I didn’t. I figured I’d already been impersonated more than most people are in a lifetime, so my run of bad luck was surely over. But no. Because this morning, one of my readers (thanks, Anna!) emailed me to tell me about this blog:

“What are we supposed to be looking at here?” you’re wondering. I mean, it’s the blog of someone called Libby, not Amber. So what’s the big deal? Well, just scroll down the sidebar, and…

Oh, damn, my secret’s out. All this time I’ve been letting you all call me “Amber” and claiming to be a “writer” of sorts. But the gig’s up, folks: actually my name is Libby – sorry, “libby” – and I’m just a regular girl who doesn’t know how to use capital letters or apostrophes!

See that “slideshow”? If you click it, it changes to another photo:

Aaaand, it’s also me! And obviously I am JUST THRILLED to be associated with the complete inability to spell even basic words like “friends”, because that’ll be REALLY good for my professional reputation! Just wait until you see “my” first post!

Now, I know many of you will think it’s mean of me to be making fun of this blog, but to be honest, when you steal my photos and try to pass them off as your own, all bets are off. Because when you place photos of me next to this inane text speak, (The words, “my name is libby” directly underneath two photos of me obviously creates the impression that I’m the one writing the blog) you’re making me look like an illiterate. And I’m perfectly capable of doing that myself, thanks.

So I left “myself” a comment:

Somehow I very much doubt it’ll be approved…

P.S. Just to address the advice I always get when I post about these issues: yes, I watermark my images – or at least, I have done so ever since the first time this happened. Unfortunately it doesn’t stop people doing this because, as you can see, one of “Libby’s” photos is a close-crop of my face and the other was a banner on this site: I’d have to place the watermark over my face to stop people being able to crop it out. And no, right-click disable doesn’t make the slightest difference either: it can be worked around in two seconds with “print screen” or the “scissors” tool in Windows 7.