(Dress, Dorothy Perkins, Shoes, Nine West)

So, I wasn’t going to bother with Frocking Friday this week. You see, that lurgy I was complaining about earlier this week still hasn’t quite released me from its grips (I slept with a couple of “tissue tusks” up my nose last night. So that was fun.), which means that I haven’t even been wearing MAKEUP this week, let alone dresses, and trust me, you do not want to see me without makeup. (I’ve also switched the original photo I had here for this one, because even although I was wearing makeup, you wouldn’t necessarily have known it to look at me. Damn, I hate the cold!) I have been wearing clothes, obviously, it’s just been more-or-less the same clothes every day. And by “clothes” I may or may not be referring to my dressing gown.

Anyway! Today is the day designated for Frocking, so I figured it was as good a reason as any to drag myself out of the doldrums and put on some actual clothes, so here I am, dutifully wearing this blue dress which was dragged screaming from the depths of the wardrobe this morning (“ME?” the dress seemed to say, incredulously. “But you never wear ME! Unhand me this second, you varmint!”), and which was accessorized with a cardigan the second I finished taking these photos, because it snowed this week, and no, it was NOT PRETTY. I mean, it’s all melted now, of course, but far be it for me to allow a meeting with my mortal enemy to go un-whined about.

And now back to my regularly scheduled coughing and sniffing…

P.S  Hop over to Facebook to see what everyone else is wearing this Friday!

  1. You look very good for someone who’s sick! I love your hair, how did you do it?

    Hope you feel better soon and have a great weekend!

  2. Okay, now F**k snow. Seriously. It’s nearly spring!

    I hope you start to feel better soon but, if it’s any consolation at all you don’t look sick in those photos. I mean, I do want to scream at you “GET A TAN!” or words to that effect, but that’s normal, isn’t it? No, but seriously – feel better soon, keep medicating with creme egg ice cream and wear that dress again because the colour looks amazing on you.

      1. I’m pretty fair skinned myself. But really, what I meant to say was that you don’t look ill-pale, just your normal pretty porcelain skinned self. But of course I can’t pay a compliment in a normal manner, hence the teasing. I hope you feel better soon! x

        1. Oh, I know you were teasing! That’s exactly why people used to try to send me home from work/school though – I actually CAN look really ill just because of how pale I am: it also means that dark shadows under the eyes look reeeeaaaalllly obvious, so sometimes in winter I seriously look like I’m audtioning for Twilight or something. (If only my skin would do the sparkly thing!) If I was a bit less honest/vain I’d have been able to have lots of time of work just by not wearing any makeup – it completely terrifies people!

          (I’ve actually just remembered the last time I went out without much makeup on – a little boy started crying at the sight of me. I’m sure I must have blogged about it…)

          1. Haha I’m the same! Pale Kerry used to manage many a day off school just by looking like my usual pale self and ‘coughing’/holding my stomach/trying to look queasy.

            I wish you lots of lemsip and blazing sunshine to scare the snow away 🙂

  3. “Tissue Tusks”?!!! ahahahaha! My hubby does that a lot…..and I thought it was just him!

    Hope you feel better soon….I’m about to join the lurgy gang as hubby (him again!) has got a cold and he decided to cough in his sleep last night….all over my face! :o(

    I was not impressed.

  4. I’m coming down with the flu now, it’s horrible and I hate to miss college, especailly when I have a deadline tomorrow. Hope you get better soon ^-^

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