Confession: I don’t like body lotion.

Well, actually, that’s not quite true. I love the smell of body lotion. I love the feel of it. I really like the idea of it. But although my bathroom cabinet is currently filled to bursting point with bottle after bottle of lotion, the reason it’s so full is that I hardly ever use the stuff. I just hate getting out of the shower into my freezing bathroom and then having to stand in the cold and apply lotion, and I also hate having to spend the next 20 minutes or so walking around with my skin all sticky/greasy, which is so often the case with me and body lotions.

This one, however, is different. This is Jean Paul Gaultier’s ‘Fragile’ Body Lotion, and Mr Dollface bought it for my birthday last year, to go with the ‘Fragile’ perfume (my signature scent… when I can afford it) he also got me. And I absolutely love it. As well as the scent (which is exactly the same as the perfume: that sounds obvious, but trust me, it’s not always the case), this lotion absorbs into the skin almost instantly, so when I use it, my skin feels soft and smooth, but there’s none of that tackiness I associate with other body lotions. The scent also lasts all day – I can still smell it when I get into bed at night, which makes it perfect for layering with the perfume.

If I could afford to, I would wear this every single day. Sadly, at £30 for a small bottle, it’s much too expensive for that, and is a “special occasions only” kind of treat for me, but if you happen to be a Fragile fan, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Click here to buy it.

  1. I love fragile so much! I save the empty perfume globes as well, the packaging is fabulous.

    My genetic lizard skin means I have to use body lotion every day or bits start to fall off 🙁

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