Do not adjust your sets, readers: I know this is a pen you’re looking at, but there is a connection to the world of beauty products, and I’m not just referring to the ones you can see in the photo, I’m referring to the pen itself. This, you see, is a scented ink pen, which you can use to send scented love letters, or anything else that strikes your fancy. (I rarely ever use pen and paper these days, thanks to the Internet, so I’m drawing a bit of a blank here. Scented Christmas cards, perhaps?)

It’s by Michael Kors, the scent is Very Hollywood, and I can confirm that the ink is, indeed scented, although I can only detect it if I sniff the paper, which I’m guessing not a lot of people would think to do. (You may need to add a postscript saying, “Please smell this letter!”) That aside, the scent itself is absolutely gorgeous, and I’ve now made a mental note to try out the perfume when I get the chance, to see if it smells as nice as the ink in the pen suggests.

This is a limited edition, it costs £20 or $25, and you can read more about it here.

[Disclosure: this was sent to me as a press sample]
  1. Somehow I’m having a hard time visualizing (sniffizing? smellizing?) a scented pen… All i can come up with is a strange combination of artificial fruit meets copier ink. I’m so curious though, I may even have to track down this pen just to find out what it smells like. It’s a nice concept, a little Victorian, but quite a nice idea.

  2. I have been looking for something like this!! Perfect for sending letters to my fiance overseas. I am going to track it down and purchase a bunch. Thanks so much!!

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