Remember when I said I was done with eBay, for ever and ever and ever, or at least until the next pair of shoes came up that I OMGHADTOHAVE? Yeah, that didn’t work out. I mean, I did stop trying to sell stuff on eBay, because that was just a one-way ticket to Mad Town. I kept on buying, though, and for the most part, that worked out pretty well. I got some bargains. I got some things I’d wanted to buy at the time, but which had sold out. Ebay and I, we were cool.

Then came The Shoes.

(You knew this would be about shoes, didn’t you? Sorry.)

The Shoes are deserving of the capital letters I’ve given them here, because, oh, these shoes. They were by Carvela, and I’d wanted them as soon as they came out, which was about two years ago now. I couldn’t afford them, though, so I didn’t buy them, because as you all know, I am ALL about the being sensible. Yes I am. Shut up.

Then the shoes went on sale. I still didn’t buy them, because by then they were sold out in my size. Instead, I was forced to watch helplessly as my shoe-blogging friends all bought The Shoes and flaunted them right in my very face. The Shoes were even more beautiful in real life. I was sad.

Time passed. I want to be able to write “I forgot about The Shoes,” here, but the thing is: I didn’t. No, I kept on thinking about The Shoes, and how terrible it was that I had not been able to buy them. “One day,” I told myself, “I will find The Shoes on eBay, and the seller will have spelt “Carvela” wrong, so I will get them for a totally knock-down price, and all will be well with the world.” I didn’t really believe it, though. The Shoes were gone forever, and in my heart of hearts, I knew it.

Then last week?

Last week I found The Shoes on eBay. They were brand new. My size. Starting price of £25. No bids. OMFG!

The Shoes would be mine. I knew it. Except… unbenownst to me, I had a mortal enemy. This unknown enemy of mine, she also wanted the shoes. Well, I say that: I’m pretty sure she didn’t give a damn about The Shoes. She just wanted to, like, totally RUIN MY LIFE forever, and force me to walk barefoot. Because eBay gets you like that, doesn’t it? It’s more like, I don’t know, WAR, say, than shopping. And as soon as someone starts bidding on something I want, well, there’s only one way for that to end.

I turn to The Dark Side.

I take it personally, you see, the bidding-against-me. It feels like a personal afront. Especially when the person in question is bidding on a pair of shoes that I have already decided are mine, an entire TWO DAYS BEFORE THE END OF THE AUCTION.

Seriously, who does that? Who bids before the end of the auction? Do you do it? If so: why? Don’t you see how that just pushes the price up (and up, and up, and up…) completely needlessly? Doesn’t it make sense that if all interested parties simply wait until the end of the auction and then bid their maximum, the eventual winner gets to walk away with a bargain, and no one gets goaded into paying more than they really intended to, whipped up into a frenzy by the end-of-auction excitement, and suddenly determined to win those damn shoes AT ALL COSTS?

That’s pretty much what happened, folks. I’m not proud of it. But like I said, Dark Forces were at work that night, and even although Little Miss Two-Days-Before-The-End-of-the-Auction pushed the price up to an amount I might previously have baulked at (Note: I wouldn’t really have, though. Because I did really want those shoes…), I allowed those Dark Forces to take over. “I will win these shoes, even if it costs me every last penny!” I muttered feverishly from the corner of the room, where I was rocking back and forth in an agony of anticipation, awaiting the glorious hour when the auction would end I could finally defeat all of my foes.

And I did.

No one steals shoes from under my nose and gets away from it, I’ll tell you that for nothing.

I’m not going to say the shoes were a bargain, because that would be a complete and utter lie, but they did cost much less than the original retail price, and they are brand spanking new (Yes, the Fail managed to deliver them. It took them longer than expected, obviously, but hats off to them for managing to get SOMETHING right this year. Still hate them, though.), so I’m happy.

I’m trying to avoid eBay for the foreseeable, though, or at least to avoid auctions, because they tend to turn me into a madwoman. This is why I normally only look at Buy It Now items: I absolutely hate finding something I love, and then having to wait ten days and do battle with fifteen other people in order to get it.

In conclusion:

Amber –  1; Little Miss Two-Days-Before-The-End-of-the-Auction = nil

But also:

Amber – nil; The Dark Side: 1

Here’s a video by Terry:

  1. Bidding before the end of the auction wrecks my head, well at least REPEAT bidding does. If there are no other bids I sometimes put in my maximum bid and then walk away and try to forget because otherwise it’s so easy to get into a bidding war with the person who is trying to steal your preshus from you. But then, ebay makes me rage-y generally because I also get all affronted when someone outbids me at the very last second (because really, how do they do that if they’re not using some sort of nefarious witchcraft?!)

    Still though – the shoes you wanted, brand new, for less than retail and the satisfaction of knowing you beat some other bitch to it? NICE.

  2. I racked my brains and thought of ONE reason to bid early on an eBay auction. If you are stuck in another country and the closing time is 3am your time. But even then, at least leave the bid til you go to bed, not TWO DAYS BEFORE!!!

    On the upside, shoes = amazing.

  3. I confess I’m often the little bitch that appears 5 seconds before the end and tries to snaffle what she wants. Because Ebay? Wants my money. All of it. They sell everything I bloody well want, it would seem. Note lack of the word “need” there!

    But two days beforehand? No no no! That is what a sodding watch list is for! To keep an eye on it, watch watch watch, and then swoop in like some demented bat to snaffle the dream dress/shoes/bag (delete as applicable). And from the sounds of it this person was raising the price for themselves?

    Ah, have had one thought – unless person selling The Precious Shoes asked a friend to bump up the price because she didn’t want them to sell for so little? (I have known people do that).

    1. That’s exactly what I do, too. All’s fair in love and shopping 🙂 I will only bid early if there’s a Buy It Now price I want to get rid off, because I think I can get it cheaper. But I’ll just bid once – if other people appear and start bidding I won’t just keep on bidding against them until the end: that way madness lies!

  4. I love the video! Very appropiate music 🙂 And very beautiful shoes!

    If eBay could just exist without the other bidders, it would be so much more fun…

  5. I so hate that. It makes no sense. It happens to me whenever I manage to find anything I actually want. Horrible people that do it.
    I need to find someone who is willing to look through all the crap for me. So well done for finding the shoes you wanted! And as Roisin said, knowing you beat someone else for the shoes: makes it even better.

  6. I hate looking on auctions, I just look at buy-it-nows. When I have bought things (or tried to) on auction I’m sat there 30 seconds before the closing trying to add a bid and in my rushed panic I can’t control the mouse and I lose and then there is the horrible heart sinking feeling you get.
    I don’t get why people bid days before either, maybe they do it to annoy others? Or to put them off?

  7. Last night I lost out on a pair of carved heel Mui Mui platform sandals that I have lusted after for A LONG TIME.

    The starting price was 99 cents. The retail price was $799. I bid $135. The shoes sold for $297.

    At least, I thought to myself forlornly this morning, the shoes went to someone who REALLY wanted them.

    Maybe in future there should be eBay Shoe Judging panels. Each competitor, erm bidder, could do a video or blog to explain why s/he should be the winning bidder.

    I vote you as Chair of the Inaugural Shoe Neediness committee Amber.

  8. Two bad experiences that outshine all others.

    1. A 70s leather coat tripled in price in the last few minutes to cost me over half a months wages. The person bidding against me sent me a message saying that if I didn’t want the coat they would buy it off me. I looked at their past items; EVERYTHING was leather. Trousers, cushions, lamp shades. Ugh. I still love that coat though.

    2. My own fault. I paid twice as much for a bag as I needed to had I bought it two years ago when I first wanted it. It was my own fault, but still.

    We just need to learn to shop at the time. Far less stressful!

  9. Loool! Great video, Terry :)) And I totally understand – auctions are just nerve-wrecking, especially if you really WANT that very item (and even more so if it’s hard to get).

  10. That’s hilarious! Love the lingering shot of the curved green part of the shoe!! Um, they don’t look like they’ll stand up to rain or snow 🙂

  11. before guiltily admitting to being ‘one of those bidders’, may i just say you have a genuinely lovely style of writing, i’m glad i fell over your blog in passing 🙂

    but yes, i am one of ‘those’ people who bid much too early.
    and my excuse, my defence? it’s poor;
    i can’t help myself. the anticipation get’s too much, and similarly to how you prematurely decided those shoes were in fact yours, i, for whatever reason (i still haven’t established), feel bidding on it somewhat makes me more entitled to whatever bizarre item i’m watching…

    so there we go, guilty as charged (;

  12. So I’m new to your sites, this one and shoeper woman. And I have to say I’ve become a big fan instantly. I love your taste in shoes and clothes. You have a retro vibe, and I find myself saying OMG AMAZING, J’ADORE, FABULOUS, WOW, and other great things about you. AND you’re funny as hell… I was crying laughing at this post and I love the video. The dark side consumes me too, especially with ebay. And I can relate, I saw these Jessica Simpson Louboutin inpsired shoes… the Bendie pump multicolored. I already decided they were mines too. Only 30 minutes and they would have been mines. But that didn’t happen, the bidder kept going until the shoes reached almost 200 dollars and I had to quit. I’m still heartbroken over this. I’m about to win with a pair of Miss Selfridge shoes but I won’t be happy until the bid is over. I’ve also been inspired to clean out my closet of shoes. I’m currently selling a couple of pairs on ebay. (sorry if this is long winded)

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