California Dreaming, on such a winter’s day…

In just over two month’s time, I’m going to be here:

A few days later, I’ll be here:

I’ll possibly take a trip back here:

And I’ll definitely be taking a trip (or, you know, ten) here:

I am so excited I could scream.

If there are any volcanoes thinking of erupting, snow thinking of falling or airline staff thinking of striking in the next two months, I would respectfully ask them to please hold off at least until I’m there, because I honestly don’t think anyone could stand another “I’m going to miss my trip” freak-out from me. Seriously.

On the other hand, if any of those things want to happen once I’m THERE, and prevent me ever coming home, I’m fine with that*…

*As long as no one is harmed, obviously. See to it, universe!