The arrival of a package from Balenciaga was definitely one of the high points of last week for me (mind you, last week was the week I decided it would be an awesome idea to cut my own hair, so it wasn’t exactly up against a lot of competition…), and my dissapointment that it didn’t contain a handbag (a girl can dream) quickly turned to pleasure when I started spraying the Balenciaga Paris tester I found inside.

Now, this scent wasn’t AT ALL what I was expecting from Balenciaga. The brand, after all, has a reputation for being very edgy, but actually this is a very traditional, feminine kind of fragrance, with top notes of violet (kinda reminds me of those Parma Violet sweets I used to eat when I was younger…), and a bit of a powdery undertone. It’s also very light and fresh, whereas I’d somehow expected Balenciaga to come up with something strong, musky and distinctive.

None of this is intended as criticism, however: in fact, I really like it, and have been wearing it daily since it arrived. I’m actually a bit of a fan of fragrances that have a hint of powder about them, and this is light enough to be worn all day. I think it’ll be particulalry nice during the summer, as it has that “wear me with summer dresses” feel to it, but it’s also a refreshing chance now, too. The brand have said they intend the scent to become a classic, and I can definitely see that happening, as it’s a very timeless kind of fragrance, if that makes sense.

I also rather like the lid:

Want to try it? It’s currently £44 at House of Fraser: click here to buy it.

(Disclosure: I received this as a PR sample)

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