Brightly coloured eye shadows and I have never been the best of friends, so this is a quick swatch post only: trust me, you do NOT want to see what I’d look like if I tried to actually WEAR this. (Or maybe you do, but only for the laughs…)

This is Technic’s Eye Shimmer in blue, and as you can see, it comes in a long tube with a sponge applicator:

It’s a really lovely shade of bright blue, which has quite a high glitter content:

Although bright, this isn’t actually very highly pigmented (well, you wouldn’t really expect it to be for the budget price of £1.99, would you?), and while you can layer it up, as I did here, don’t expect a very deep colour: it’s actually more subtle than it probably looks here – if glittery blue eyeshadow can ever be described as “subtle” – and the glitter gives it a soft shimmer rather than all-out drama.

Because I haven’t tried wearing this on my eyes, I can’t tell you how well it lasts: again, I think the price probably speaks for itself there, but if you’re looking for a cheap way to add some gorgeous colour to your life/eyes, it’s not going to cost a whole lot to find out, and there are 11 other colours to try, too.

Click here to buy it.

  1. I think the problem is the sponge, if it were like a classic eyeliner would be better, and not every cheap thing is low quality, maybe this can stay for 2h in the eyes.

  2. Blue is probably not the best colour to go all disco-shiny with, but I am very partial to light-coloured pink, peach, gold, and even white shimmer eyeshadows. I find they really open up the eye especially if applied to the inner corner. I also like to use glittery black on the outside edge for evening (aka club/bar/party) makeup. So I’d definitely consider trying this if I saw it in a drugstore in Canada!

  3. Oh, I want this so much… Blue is my favorite color and I just love a bit of glitter. Alas, I don’t think this product is even available where I am and I really don’t feel like paying for the additional shipping and handling costs.

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