I wish I could be as patient as these shoes! It would make my life a whole lot easier…

  1. That’s a great typo to search if you’re looking for shoes like that though… no one else is going to find them!

    I got some zebra ‘pint’ flats on eBay for £2.99 because the lister couldn’t spell and I can’t type and searched for zebra pint!

    1. Haha! I also see a lot of people advertising “sequence” shoes, instead of sequined ones, which I guess would be great if that was what you were looking for! I got very excited when I bought my last shoes on eBay, because the seller had spelt “Carvela” wrong. Then I realised EVERYONE spells it wrong…

  2. I saw the same thing on a pair of size 6’s. It was a shame the ones that I saw were not very nice else I would have bid on them.

    I love it when other people make silly mistakes on ebay, can make them a good ol’ bargain!

  3. Or there’s always poker dots? I’ve bought a few things that have poker dots, strangely enough there is little competition for such items!

    1. Haha, yes! I always imagine the dotted items sitting around playing cards when I see that one: poker dots sound like they should probably be illegal or something!

  4. I’m watching a dress and a jacket at the moment that have both been listed by the same person, and are both fully “linned”, which is reassuring. Back in the day I bought a few Elliott Smith posters cheap because they had been listed under Eliot Smith, but that’s not humourous, just lazy… but it meant I scored them cheap 🙂

  5. How about making a whole list of common typos as a fashion ebay shopper hepler?))

    (I *have* to make a list like that for myself.. I’m the queen of typos.. it’s emberassing! or I just can’t spell… no no, it’s typos!)

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