I feel like all I do at the moment is apologise for the lack of posts here: sorry! I can’t promise a whole lot of them over the next little while, but here’s a quickie featuring the other M.A.C. lip colour I picked up a couple of weeks ago: the Pro Longwear Lip Colour in ‘Lasting Lust’.

Because of my great love of red lips, I’m always particularly interested in long-lasting lipcolours, because as dramatic as the colour is, it can also be very high maintenance. I find the M.A.C. lipsticks I normally use last longer than most, but they still require frequent top-ups, and, well, I’m just too lazy. Also, bright red isn’t a colour you can apply one-handed while checking your email or reading the newspaper on the train. It requires careful, precise application, and given that I’m rarely without either a hot beverage or a bottle of water, mine generally tends to disappear after the first coffee of the day, never to be re-applied.

I’ve tried many long-stay products over the years, but this was actually my first experience with M.A.C’s Pro Longwear, which has colour on one end and gloss on the other. ‘Lasting Lust’ is a bright, true red, which you paint on using a sponge applicator which comes with it:

In certain lights this can look slightly orangey on me, which put me off at first, but I’ve come to really love it. I’m not much of a gloss girl, so I normally just wear it like this, but in the interests of Dollface research, here it is with the gloss over the top:

It’s shiny, but not sticky. And that’s really all I can tell you about it, because as I said, I don’t really use it – sorry, gloss girls! If they sold this without the gloss, for less money, I’d be a happy Dollface indeed.

My main interest in this, however, wasn’t in the colour, but the longevity. I put this to the test the very first day I bought it by coming home, slapping it on, deciding the colour was waaay too bright… and then being completely unable to get it off. A tissue didn’t work. Water on a tissue didn’t work. The, er, back of my hand didn’t work. Finally I had to put some eye-makeup remover on a cotton wool pad to get rid of it. From this, you can probably tell that this stuff LASTS. It really does. It’ll get you through a meal and a couple of drinks, say, without too much trouble, and while it WILL fade, it tends to fade fairly evenly, so you’re not left with the dreaded ‘Lipstick Moustache’. On me, it doesn’t last perfectly all day. I mean, I could just leave it all day, and there would still be colour on my lips by the end of it, but it would be that kind of blurry, end-of-the-day colour, so while it will get you through lunch, or dinner, or whatever, as I said above, you’re probably going to want to apply it at least once to keep it looking its best.

(You’re also going to want to take a lot of care applying it. The fact that it doesn’t budge is great news if you’ve applied it perfectly and love the colour, but not so great if you don’t. Trust me.)

The other good point about this product is that, unlike most other longwear lipsticks I’ve tried, it’s not drying. It’s not as comfortable to wear as a cream lipstick, obviously, but I’ve had no major issues with it, and it doesn’t have that “caked on” look some similar products can give you too.

Overall? Two thumbs up from me. This is expensive at £17, but if you’re looking for a lip colour that will last, this is it.

Click here to buy it. (It’s available in eight other shades, too.)

  1. This sounds great! The lipstick moustache is what usually puts me off wearing bright lip colours in social situations, but this might be the answer!

  2. These lipsticks are great. I’ve not tried that shade, but found with a darker shade that you can apply a very thin coat for a more subtle effect, or layer it for more full-on colour. The gloss feels quite moisturising and keeps your lips from drying out.

  3. I thought that these were being discontinued, seeing as the new Pro Longwears have been out for some time now.

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