As longtime readers of this site (Hi, both of you!), may recall, I’m a huge fan of red lipstick, and for a while now, my go-to red has been MAC’s Ruby Woo. I happened to walk past the M.A.C. counter in Harvey Nichols this week (OK, OK, I went in deliberately for that very purpose. I’ve never been able to resist M.A.C. lipsticks…) and ended up picking up a couple of new colours, one of which was the classic ‘Russian Red’, which I can’t quite believe I didn’t already own. (I actually really wanted to get this in the Wonder Woman packaging, but of course, I left it much too late for that and it’s all sold out, so I had to settle for the regular version.)

This lipstick is so well-known in beauty circles that I’m sure it needs no introduction from me, but just in case you’ve never heard of it, it basically enjoys a reputation as THE red lipstick from this brand, and it’s a very deep, blue-toned red, which, ironically enough, is much more of a “ruby” shade than its fellow M.A.C. red, Ruby Woo:

Also like Ruby Woo, this is a matte formula, but it’s much, much easier to work with than the former lipstick. Ruby Woo (I promise I’ll stop the comparisons between the two soon…) is very matte, and very dry (I normally have to wear lip balm under it because it’s so dry), but Russian Red is very creamy, and has a slight sheen to it: it glides on easily and is really comfortable to wear – in fact, in terms of application, etc, it’s pretty much perfect.

As for the colour, well, it’s one of those classic, “retro” reds, as seen on pin-up girls and old movie stars:

It’s also bright. That’s one of the reasons I like it so much, but every so often I get comments/emails from people who say they’d love to try red lipstick, but are a bit daunted by the thought of it, and all I can is that if that sounds like you, Russian Red probably isn’t the colour to start out with, because it’s not exactly subtle. It’s a red that’s designed to stand out, and as much as I love my red lipstick, it’s maybe a little too bold even for me to wear as a day-to-day colour (Because I have very pale skin, this lipstick looks very dramatic in contrast. I love the look, but it’s not for the faint hearted.) although perfect for evenings, special occasions etc.

So far I’ve been really impressed with how long this lasts, too. One problem I’ve always had with Ruby Woo is that I find I need to reapply it constantly or it will disappear. This made it through a couple of glasses of wine and a snack last night without looking too much the worse for wear, although it’s yet to be tested for longer periods of time (I’m wearing it right now, though, so will report back!).

(I promise I’m not that shiny in real life, it’s the flash bouncing off my forehead!)

Overall, I love this, and think I’m going to have to name it the Holy Grail of Red Lipstick.  In fact, yes, I am. Move over, Ruby Woo, we have a new favourite!

This is £13.50 at M.A.C.: click here to buy it.

  1. Looks nice! I love red lipstick, I think I’ll go and buy this one! Or would you recommend Ruby Woo during daytime (because you say it’s a little bit too bold)?

    1. Well, you’d really have to try them on to see which one you liked best because they won’t look exactly the same on everyone, and it’s really a matter of personal taste. I find Ruby Woo to be a slightly more wearable shade (Russian Red is a lot more intense on me than it looks in these photos), but it is very matte and I find it harder to apply: they’re both bright reds though, so it’s really just a matter of working out which one works best with your complexion/personality!

  2. I have a draw full of red lipstick, It’s pretty much all I wear (when I do wear Lipstick). Yet I do not own (or have tried) any MAC. Mainly due to limitations in stockists around.

    My favourite at the minute is an Esteé Lauder signature Rich Red.

  3. I just purchased the Russian red a month ago (in the spectacular wonder woman packaging) I also found that it lasted quite a while, I wore it to a wedding and it seemed to stay pretty perfect throughout the entire evening.(from 4p.m. to around midnight)

  4. It’s so girly of me to notice this, but you have lovely eyebrows. Do you do them yourself?

    That red makes your teeth look SUPERMODEL white. Amazing.

    1. Oh, thank you so much, that’s a huge compliment to me, because people are always telling me how awful my eyebrows are! Yes, I do them myself: they get really, really straggly and start to meet in the middle if I leave them for any more than a day!

      I actually had my teeth whitened recently, so that probably helps with that, but those blue-reds are definitely kind to the ol’ teeth 🙂

  5. hey your teeeeth look rly white and i love tht lipstickk

  6. I am so tempted to try this now, having recently started wearing red lipstick – a nice retro red like that is just what I’m looking for.
    And as an aside, you look so adorable in that last photo. Pretty, pretty lady 🙂

    1. Thanks, lovely 🙂 I really recommend MAC for red lipsticks (or for any lipsticks, really) – they have a really great selection and lots of very “retro” shades. I can’t walk past a counter without wanting to buy at least one!

  7. (Sorry I’m laaaaate!)

    I have the Russian Red and love the colour but find it really drying, the one that I find is more daytimey is Lady Bug (not even sure if they still do it! LOL!..hope so…or my recommendation is pants!) it’s not a matte so less drying but the colour is good. (IMO!)

    May fave-fave though is L’oreal Color Riche Super Gelee in Strawberry Juice…however it would seem L’oreal have stopped making that colour so I’ve just bulk bought some, it may seem sad to some but to me it’s forward planning!! LOL!

  8. I have Russian Red AND Ruby Woo- I pretty much haven’t worn Russian since I bought Ruby, which is because I think it looks a little too gothic on me. I like my red lips bright bright bright and not a shade too dark. Then again, I wear red lipstick almost exclusively during the day, and don’t have much in the way of fancy night occasions.

    And I also actually prefer the Ruby Woo ‘retro matte’ formula, which I’m convinced makes me a crazy person, because day by day use of it pretty much BLISTERS my lips. I just love how it looks and the staying power.That said, Russian Red survives pretty much anything but a full-scale meal on me.

  9. I think it looks very good on you! My colouring is somewhat similar to yours and I have been afraid of red lipsticks but I might try and be brave now!

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