Recent events (inlcuding being threatened with police action for writing a blog post) are somewhat monopolising my time right now, so blogging here may be light. Or, you know, non-existent.

Hope you’ll all stick around until the dust settles…

  1. The cats and I will definitely stick around, and will continue to blog about and link to Shoeperwoman and ask all my blogging friends to join in too. Good luck!

  2. I’m so sorry that you have to go through with this, but if it is any consolation, it’s OBVIOUS who’s right and who’s wrong. So, if you have to take it to the police or something, everyone is on your side. I don’t think there’s any real threat that your Shoeperwoman will cease to exist. You will survive and we’re sticking.

  3. In my experience, the police couldn’t care less when someone throws a brick through a person’s window (and can’t even be bothered to attend) so I can’t see them being bothered about this.

  4. As i said, “The woman is an arse”
    (intr, adverb)Arse: Slang to play the fool; act stupidly, esp in an irritating manner ( The American/Canadian version of things), I could be in the U.K though, now that’s a different matter..

  5. Oh, I forgot to mention a thought that ran through my little mind.
    I loved the bit where the “arse woman” stated, and I quote :

    “You have posted a lot of misleading, inaccurate and incomplete information about me and my business on your site today and it’s been hurtful to see someone act so unprofessionally and damaging to my business and my name”.

    I mean, misleading, inaccurate & incomplete information, acting unprofessionally, damaging to her business and name, FOR GOD’S SAKE WOMAN, who on earth are you talking about,… YOURSELF

    As I said, an arse !

  6. I’ll definitely, and patiently, wait until you have things settled, although I hope this will be happening sooner than later. Until then, all the best wishes, and know that there are many, many people on your side in this.

  7. I seldom comment (bad me!), but I stuck around through last year’s blog break so I’m sure not going anywhere now.

  8. We are all behind you and supporting you. I’m going to retweet this, and share it and pass it along as much as I can, it needs to be written and spoken about. Stay strong!!

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