Hustlers grab your guns, your shadow weighs a ton…

(Jeans, J Brand c/o Shopbop; sweater, H&M; jacket, New Look kids department; shoes, Dorothy Perkins; bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs c/s Shopbop)

(Yes, I’m doing that pigeon-toed stance fashion bloggers always do. I wanted to kill myself when I realised.)

Well, I finished the 34,345 blog posts I had to write before my holiday. This means I now have three days (including today), in which to:

  • Do all my packing.
  • Dye my eyelashes.
  • Clean the house from top to bottom (partly in case we die during the trip, but also so we have a nice, clean house to come back to).
  • Return the panic-buy jacket I decided I absolutely MUST HAVE, but which, on reflection, I don’t actually need to have AT ALL, especially given that there’s a Neiman Marcus right next to our hotel in San Francisco, and a Zara across the street from it.
  • Mow the lawn.
  • Get together all of Rubin’s stuff in preparation for his own vacation, which he will be spending with Terry’s mum.
  • Call my bank to let them know I’ll be in the US for a few weeks, so if they could try NOT to lock my debit card, like they did last year, that would be great.
  • Make sure Terry doesn’t secretly call them back at some point and tell them to go ahead with the locking-of-the-card. (See: Neiman Marcus, Zara.)
  • Load some more songs onto the California themed playlist on my phone. Why, yes, I DID go there…
  • Load some more books about mysterious old houses onto my Kindle. Because flying just isn’t frightening enough for me, is it?
  • We will probably also lose our passports and then find them again a  few times, so best to schedule in some time for that, too, just to be on the safe side.

Other than that, I think we’re good to go. Is it Thursday yet? How about now? NOW?

Now that all my work is done and I have more than enough time to do everything else on that list, I’m mostly just spending my time being OMGEXCITED. Up until this weekend, it hadn’t really hit me that we were about to head off to California, but now that it has, I just can’t wait. And OK, I have had a few little episodes of jolting awake in the middle of the night, thinking, “OMG, I’m planning to spend 10 hours whizzing through the sky in a metal tube, WHY?” but the good thing about your vacations always being at risk of cancellation due to volcanoes, or snow, or whatever, is that these days I find that when I DO get on board the aircraft, I’m mostly just so grateful to actually be there that I forget to be frightened. I’m hoping that will be the case this week, too.

Please don’t erupt again, volcano. My sanity depends upon it.

In other news, my hair is still trying to kill me: