I know this will come as a surprise to no one, but seriously, I love Zara. I mean, look how nicely they pack even a small order:

A box! I love boxes.

And tissue paper!

Tissue paper makes me feel spechul.

And what’s in the box, is the question on no one’s lips?

Why, a stripey sweater, of course!

As you can see, I am age 11 – 12*. Only not really, because that sweater is large enough for Terry to wear, should he so desire. (Note: he doesn’t. Or not that I know of, anyway. Because I am the one who dresses like a fisherman in this house, thankyouverymuch.)  It’s sold out online, though, so no stripey sweater for me, sadly, unless my mum can work her magic on it and make it fit.

But I still appreciated the box.

(*Mentally this is about right, though.)

  1. Wow, how could their sizing be THAT far off? Do you often end up in the girls’ section at Zara or is this just a freak occurence?

    I never had much trouble with sizing in there, but that was in China where everybody is tiny!

    1. Yeah, I buy from the kids section in quite a few places. Kids sizing is really random, though, which makes it tricky – I have no idea how they work out what size “age 11” is, for instance. I mean, surely it depends on the child? It’s a bit like having adult clothes sized “age 21” or “age 42” or whatever. And, of course, kids clothes often has no waist, and details like little ducks or bunnies or teddy bears sewn into the garments, which could end up being quite amusing 🙂

      1. Haha that’s a really good point! All the super-tall/midget/sizeable 11 year olds must really struggle!

        Also, I am now imagining you in some of your gorgeous shoes, a pencil skirt and a pink t shirt with a bunny rabbit on it. Hmmmm, maybe not 😛

        1. Lol! Seriously, I’m always picking stuff up in kids sections, thinking, “Oooh, that’s nice!” and then turning it round to discover Bugs Bunny on the back, or something. This is why I try never to shop in a hurry 🙂

      2. I’ve been known to shop the kids section as well. They have cute stuff and I fit into size large! I’m actually a fan of the superhero shirts in the boys section, they are great casual wear!

  2. I’ve also been shopping in the children’s department. Mostly when I need pyjamas. But also some T-shirts and shoes. It just doesn’t work with jeans and skirts because of the waist and hip.
    Why not? If it fits, what’s wrong. It’s not like anybody will look at the size tag of your shirt anyway…

  3. I bought something during the sales from Zara Online and was also really impressed with the packaging, simple yet makes it sooo special! I hope your mum can fix the sweater somehow? xxx

    1. Yeah, I mean it’s just Zara, but it did feel like I was getting something much more “special” when it didn’t show up in the usual plastic-bag-within-a-plastic-bag! Good ploy, Zara 🙂

  4. I was whining to my mom the other day about how none of the clothes in the junior section fit me because of my “assets” and she was polite enough to tell me that at 32, I was too old for juniors. I have to admit, a part of me died inside. Shop in the kids section if it fits – I am totally jealous though. 😀

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