“There Is the Temptation of Women Pictures”

Since we last talked:

1. This happened:

The wind, it was frightening. It still is, actually. Just to make things even more interesting, the more the wind roared and howled, the more Rubin did likewise. Imagine the wind roaring, the dog barking, the fence creaking and falling, the sirens wailing, the rain lashing, me whining… It was quite a day, really. And now we have no fence. At least we don’t have to worry about Rubin escaping in the meantime, though: he is so scared by the continuing high winds that he’s refusing to go out in them. When persuaded, he’ll just dash outside the back door, quickly do his, er, business, and then run back in with a look on his face that says, “THE HELL?!” I know how he feels.

2. This happened:

(Top story on BBC news this morning. Nice thing to wake up to.)

Yeah. For a moment there I thought I’d gone back in time to last summer, when my trip to Florida was almost cancelled because of volcanic ash, but nope, it really is happening all over again. I swear you couldn’t make this up. At the moment the airports are saying they don’t expect it to last as long as it did last time, but basically it’s a case of “wait and see”. We’re trying to be positive, but it’s a bit stressful, to be honest, and I’m getting a bit tired of planning trips and then spending the run-up to them wondering if we’re actually going to be able to go or not. This is the third time in a row that this has happened (twice with volcanic ash, once with heavy snow), so I’m hoping these things really do come in threes, and that this will be the end of it, but… probably not. Next time I announce that I’ve booked a holiday somewhere, could someone please slap me?

3. This happened:

It’s the notice (translated into English by Google Translate) of the message currently posted on Lin Shiudeng’s most recent “I’m ripping off Amber” website, which we managed to get taken down yesterday, within just a few hours of finding it. I particularly like the bit about how “there is the temptation of women pictures”. And you know, there WERE a lot of photos of me on that website (in fact, Lin had stolen every single one of my photos from last year’s Shoe Challenge)! I somehow doubt that’s what they were referring to, though. (Or that Google Translate is providing an accurate translation of what this message actually says…) So, another small victory for us, but when you consider that we’d spent the entire weekend filing DCMA notices and having Lin’s last set of websites taken down, only to wake up on Monday morning to find a brand new one waiting for us, it is starting to feel like a losing battle. Lin can put new websites up as quickly as we can have them taken down, basically, and for whatever reason (and I don’t think we’ll EVER know the reason) he/she seems to be absolutely hellbent on having at least one duplicate of my website online AT ALL TIMES, which means that, for the past week, fighting Lin, and all of the other copycats we’ve now found, has been a full time job for Terry. That’s obviously not something we can sustain in the long term, but for now we’re still working hard to find ways to make it easier to find these people, and easier to take their sites down when we do find them. Meanwhile,  I like to imagine that Lin Shiudeng looks exactly like THAT OLD WOMAN from Insidious. On, and speaking of THAT…

4. In the comments on my post about Insidious, Lili mentioned a movie called The Grudge, which she said was in a similar league to The Most Frightening Movie Ever If You Are Amber: The Ring.  And obviously my experience with THAT OLD WOMAN hadn’t frightened me enough, because Terry and I went right out and watched The Grudge. Hello, sleepless nights! (Note: not really. It was creepy, but it didn’t freak me out as much as The Ring did. Or like T.O.W did.)

5. My haircut happened.

No photos of that, though, because, in a completely new move for me, I decided to be sensible about it and just had a trim. You probably won’t be able to tell the difference. I consider this to be a GOOD result for one of my haircuts.

And that’s where we’re up to this week.