Hey, remember last summer, when a volcano in Iceland erupted right before I was due to fly to the States, all of the UK’s airspace was closed, and I spent the couple of weeks before my trip freaking the hell out about it all and worrying that the holiday would be cancelled?

At least we know THAT will probably never happen again, eh? Because not even I could be THAT unlucky, especially after my LAST holiday was ALSO almost cancelled due to circumstances beyond my control.

(From Sky News today)


Well, that’s just… awesome.

(I know: some people don’t even got no volcanoes, should consider myself lucky I have a volcano to erupt, etc, etc. But still: awesome.)

  1. The BBC are saying it’s only Icelandic airspace that is affected so far, and that there’s unlikely to be a repeat of last summer. So, fingers crossed you’ll get away fine.

  2. I didn’t read your blog back then, but I think it’s only bad luck if you actually don’t get to go 🙂 But I have to admit, the rate at which your transatlatic flight and the volcano eruptions go together is remarkable! Also, I sometimes think I live in a little bubble. I do check news daily, but I hadn’t heard of that one yet, LOL! But good luck! It’ll sure work out alright.

  3. I saw this news and thought of you. You and volcanoes will always be inextricably linked in my mind. Fingers crossed! xx

  4. I heard this on the radio tonight and bewailed the potential disruption to your holiday plans to Dapper. I then regaled him with tales of ALL your previous holiday travel disasters. For one person to have this much bad luck is just not funny! Fingers crossed Fi is right! Cx

    1. My initial reaction was to laugh hysterically… I’ve been worrying about just about everything else imaginable, but it honestly didn’t even occur to me that I should be worrying about ANOTHER volcano!

  5. Oh noes! I also saw the news about this and the first person I thought of was you….I even tried to explain to anyone who’d listen about your ratio of holidays/volcanoes!

    Fingers crossed all will be fine by the time you go!

    1. It really is bizarre… I really think I should stop booking holidays, for the good of the world at large: every time I do it, there’s some kind of crazy natural phenomenon!

  6. Oh no! Like you need another thing to stress about! I hope the volcano holds off and you can make your trip out just fine. Oh, and I just saw the update to the last post about the copycat. It’s really bordering on psychotic how this person keeps putting up copycat websites as soon as you can get them taken down! Something is not right with this Lin person.

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