… and if you think you might come to California,
I think you should.

~ Counting Crows, A Long December

It’s our last night in L.A. The usual end-of-trip depression has already set in, as I walk around saying goodbye to this little house, which I’ve come to think of as “home” over the past few weeks, and which I’ll, in all likelihood, probably never see again.  (Not because we’re never coming back, of course, just because when we do, we quite possibly won’t be able to rent the same property. I get ridiculously sentimental about leaving places I’ve been happy in. I almost go into mourning.) And every time I write about coming home, people say the same thing. They all say, “Oh, it’s good to go away, but it’s always good to come home, too!” But I’ve never, ever felt like that, so all I feel is sad as I soak up these last few rays of sun, and look back over the last three, fantastic weeks. I can’t believe this trip, which I waited so long for, and planned for so meticulously, is already on the brink of being just a memory.

It’ll be a wonderful memory, though.

  1. I know how you feel. People are always going on about sleeping in your own bed again, and having everything in it’s place and getting back into routines… but they’re the things I love about going on holidays.

    One another note, ever considered travelling to Australia for a holiday? Excellent choice if you’re looking for warmth and sunlight.:)

    1. Exactly! And always just think that if my own bed, routine etc was so great, I wouldn’t go away in the first place! Mind you, I think the “glad to be home” people probably have nicer homes than me, so that could explain it – the place we’re staying here is so much nicer than our own house that it’s a real wrench to leave it!

      Australia is a bit too long a flight from the UK for me, unfortunately, as I’m a really bad traveller – the flight to Cali and back is already at the extreme end of my endurance level (I’m absolutely dreading the journey home :(), so I don’t think I’d cope with a much longer flight. Mind you, I guess we could come here first, have a few weeks in LA and then move on – I think the only way I’ll ever make it to Australia is if I can do it in stages, with long gaps between each flight!

      1. Yeah, I totally get what you mean about the long flights. We’re going to the UK later in the year, and we’re doing it in stages. Like, a 24 hour stopover in Singapore following the flight over. Same on the way back.

  2. I hate going back home too! Especcialy when it’s sunny on holiday and cold and rainy in my country…

    Love your dress btw! Pin-up Couture?

      1. Oooh….no…that’s the Bettie Page Captain dress! Bet it’s the straight skirt version too, Amber will look SO fab in that!

        Can’t wait to see what holiday video gem Terry comes up with this year!!

  3. I never want to go home either. Holidays really don’t last long enough. The only pull home for me is our pets! You have a Rubin-man to see, don’t forget! I hope he welcomes you in the proper manner. 🙂 x

  4. Look on the bright side, at least you have the memories of this holiday. If you didn’t get to go on holiday in the first place, you wouldn’t have that.

    I agree, I’d much rather be on holiday than at home. Being at home is boring.

  5. Aww Amber, I’m sorry you feel so bad about leaving. If it’s any consolation, I’ve been longing for you to get back and read about more shoe challenges, and photos of Rubin, and your red carpet commentary. (I mean this in a sincere and not blog-stalking-creepy way. :))

  6. It all depends on how nice the holiday was to if I’m glad to be going. Usually I want to stay in the sun forever.

    However the one thing I’m always glad to see is the kitties. And I’m sure your little wolf will be over joyed to see your back.

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