A Whistle-Stop Tour of L.A.

OK, I’m taking pity on you all. I realise I’ve tresspassed on your patience long enough now with all of my “lookit my holiday snaps!” posts, so I’ve pulled all of the remaining photos into one, giant, easily-ignored post, and I’ll publish it, then I can get back to talking about… whatever it is I normally talk about here. Which, actually, what WAS that? If you have any requests, I’d love to hear them…

While I’m waiting for your suggestions to come pouring in, however, here’s LA in photos:

The Disney Studios

My friend Erik works for Disney, and gave us a tour of the Disney lot on his lunch hour one day. It. Was. Amazing. We visited the sound stage Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed on, met some Disney staff (who were all so lovely and friendly) and just generally walked around with our mouths hanging open. It was also amazing to finally get to meet Erik, who I’ve known since my days on Livejournal, and who very generously spent a lot of time giving us advice on what to do and see. Thanks, Erik!

Griffith Observatory

The first place to visit if you’re in L.A.: amazing views of the city AND the setting of one of my favourite movies, Rebel Without a Cause.

Chateau Marmont

Just, you know, hangin’ out at the Chateau…

Sunset Boulevard

They have me on tap.

The Valley


The Queen Mary at Long Beach

Now we know what the phrase “like a foghorn” actually means.


Whale watching off Dana Point.

We didn’t see any whales, but we did get photo-bombed by that bird. Also: yay for matching sweaters!

Malibu and Santa Monica

Disneyland and California Adventure

(Don’t worry, I’m almost done…)

Union Station and Downtown LA

Venice Beach

(Pay particular attention to the background in the last one…)

Typical LA scene.

And finally…

Terry lost quite a bit of weight on holiday. Quite a bit.

Aaaaaand we’re done. Normal scheduling will now resume. Whatever that may be.