Review: Revlon Scented Nail Enamel

I haven’t worn nail polish on my fingernails for a long time now, because, honestly, my nails and cuticles are such an absolute disgrace to humanity that I’ve been just trying to pretend they don’t exist instead.

When this quartet of Revlon’s Scented Nail Enamel dropped through the door, though, my curiosity was piqued. As many of you know, I’m a sucker for a good ol’ gimmick, and scented nail polish seems to fall into that category, so tonight I bit the bullet and tried all four of them on, all in the name of research.

I received, from left – right: Beach, Peach Smoothie, Passion Fruit and Mad About Mango. Of these, Passion Fruit is by far my favourite: as I’ve mentioned before, I’m fairly traditional when it comes to nail polish, and when I do wear it, I tend to go for classic reds, pinks, or neutrals, and so the yellow and orange polishes (Beach and Mad About Mango) really aren’t very “me”, although they’re nice colours in their own right.

Passion Fruit was also the easiest of the four to apply: it went on in one coat, with even coverage and no dragging, while the other three all went a bit streaky after the first coat, and needed a top up. The Peach Smoothie colour was the worst for this, and I found it quite difficult to get even coverage with it.

“But what about the SCENT, Dollface!” I hear you cry. This is, of course, one of the main selling points with this product, and as you’ve probably gathered from the names of the polishes, they each have their own individual scent, which can only be sampled once they’ve been allowed to dry.

I’m not very good at identifying scents, so if it was a blind test I probably wouldn’t have said, “Ooh, that smells just just like a Passion Fruit/a Peach Smoothie/the beach!” but the scents are all very lovely, and much stronger than I was expecting. The fruity polishes do have a distinctly “fruity” scent to them, while “beach” isn’t particularly beachy, but is sweet and very pleasant. I like all of them, and while I’m not totally convinced that scented nail polish is anything more than a gimmick (How often do you smell your own fingers, after all?), it’s a rather nice gimmick, and I would probably purchase a bottle of the “Bubble Gum” or “Pretty in Papaya” polishes which are available as part of this collection, and which look like exactly the kind of colours I go for.

These are £4.49 at Boots: click here to buy.