So, I was thinking. In fact, here is a photo of me thinking:

Because, yes, I totally staged a photo so I could get a picture of me thinking, with which to illustrate this post. BLOGGERS, EH?

No, I’m joking: these photos were actually taken for Shoeperwoman, as part of the Shoeper Shoe Challenge, and I’m posting them here purely because, well, I got nothing else, folks. Not a thing. I mean, I could tell you all about my exciting trip to the post office this morning, which led me past:

1. Those kitchen chairs I showed you a couple of weeks ago (because it’s all excitement on THIS blog, isn’t it? I mean, kitchen chairs, people. Where else can you get that kind of entertainment for free?) which have now been smashed into tiny pieces and distributed around the neighbourhood.

2. A woman leaving the shops wearing pyjamas, a pair of slippers and what I assumed was a dressing gown, but which Terry informs me was actually just a coat designed to look like a dressing gown. Cunning!

3. A deck of adult playing cards. The kind with nekkid ladies on them.

Um, OK, so I kind of just did tell you about my exciting trip to the post office, didn’t I? Well, it was while I was there, standing in the queue for the usual three hours (because nothing that happens in a post office ever happens quickly, does it?), that  I did my thinking. You see, the queue was right next to the magazine rack, which was full of those “real life” magazines, which have headlines like “My Dog is a Spaceman!” and “Losing Weight Left Me With Seven Breasts!” (that last one is an ACTUAL headline I saw today, seriously), and I thought, “Damn, my life is dull, here with my earthbound dog and my two breasts.”

Then I thought,”This boring life of mine, it sure does make it difficult to find things to write about in that there blog. I think I’ll just post some photos and hope no one notices.”

So I did.

(Dress: Black Halo, c/0 Shopbop; Shoes: Carvela, c/o Sarenza)

Coming up next: the thrilling tale of that one time I went to the petrol station to put fuel in my car!*

*I’m joking. I haven’t had THAT much fun in AGES.

  1. great photos – you look beautiful. im still debating whether to buy the grey KG Minnie shoes!
    one thing id like to hear about is actually your hair!! it always looks good and ‘done’ in your photos. i am useless with doing my hair – so it just tends to be down and straight when i go out!
    hair tips would be great help lol
    nicola xxx

    1. Ooh, hair is not my strong point either, I’m afraid – I’m absolutely useless with it! I either just blow dry and leave it, or backcomb like crazy and pile it up on my head, as in these photos – anything else is pretty much beyond me! Oh, I do sometimes try to curl it, either with heated rollers or curling tongs, but the curls always drop out really quickly, so I mostly just leave it as it is 🙂

    1. Thanks! Those shoes were actually picked for me by readers – I wasn’t really sure what to wear with them at first, but then I figured everything goes with black!

  2. I don’t care that you think you’re useless, just like Nicola, I have hair envy and love what you do with that crazy mane of yours, it’s gorgeous! Loved reading this, pretty much summarises the excitement in my life right now, and how I also find it so hard to think of things to write on my blog. Who wants to hear about how well behaved was my dog during the morning walkies? who wants to read about how I organised my fridge? hehhe plus, Im a newbie in town, no friends or family around, plus my man lives/works in another continent, lonely and boring Jess, that’s my name. I think there is a pretty special breed of bloggers out there with a talent for making great posts out of ordinary happenings, and this breed should be rewarded somehow! 😛

    In other news, after years of lusting, I finally got a pair of VW Melissa Lady Dragons!! but my toes are too fat to really fit through the peep-toe…how sad is that???!!! xxx

    1. Whoops, for some reason this went into the spam folder – have just dug it out! Thanks for commenting Jessie… I sometimes struggle with this site because I never really know what people want to read about on it: I think personal blogs are difficult because there’s no real “niche”: at the moment I find myself wanting to write about fashion a lot because that’s what I do all day, but I know the people who read here (other than yourself and a few others) aren’t interested in fashion, and there’s not a lot else going on, so it all ends up feeling a bit tumbleweedy!

      If it’s any consolation, by the way, I think your blog is always entertaining: moving to a new town is such a big thing (I’m actually really jealous, I would LOVE to move!), and the kind of thing I always like hearing about 🙂 Boo to the Lady Dragons, though – they do have a really tiny peep hole!

  3. Hi Amber,
    I love the 3rd picture from the top. Is the space on the shoe rack for the purple shoes you’re wearing in the picture 🙂

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