Totally Gratuitous Outfit Photos. Oh, and the post office.

So, I was thinking. In fact, here is a photo of me thinking:

Because, yes, I totally staged a photo so I could get a picture of me thinking, with which to illustrate this post. BLOGGERS, EH?

No, I’m joking: these photos were actually taken for Shoeperwoman, as part of the Shoeper Shoe Challenge, and I’m posting them here purely because, well, I got nothing else, folks. Not a thing. I mean, I could tell you all about my exciting trip to the post office this morning, which led me past:

1. Those kitchen chairs I showed you a couple of weeks ago (because it’s all excitement on THIS blog, isn’t it? I mean, kitchen chairs, people. Where else can you get that kind of entertainment for free?) which have now been smashed into tiny pieces and distributed around the neighbourhood.

2. A woman leaving the shops wearing pyjamas, a pair of slippers and what I assumed was a dressing gown, but which Terry informs me was actually just a coat designed to look like a dressing gown. Cunning!

3. A deck of adult playing cards. The kind with nekkid ladies on them.

Um, OK, so I kind of just did tell you about my exciting trip to the post office, didn’t I? Well, it was while I was there, standing in the queue for the usual three hours (because nothing that happens in a post office ever happens quickly, does it?), that  I did my thinking. You see, the queue was right next to the magazine rack, which was full of those “real life” magazines, which have headlines like “My Dog is a Spaceman!” and “Losing Weight Left Me With Seven Breasts!” (that last one is an ACTUAL headline I saw today, seriously), and I thought, “Damn, my life is dull, here with my earthbound dog and my two breasts.”

Then I thought,”This boring life of mine, it sure does make it difficult to find things to write about in that there blog. I think I’ll just post some photos and hope no one notices.”

So I did.

(Dress: Black Halo, c/0 Shopbop; Shoes: Carvela, c/o Sarenza)

Coming up next: the thrilling tale of that one time I went to the petrol station to put fuel in my car!*

*I’m joking. I haven’t had THAT much fun in AGES.