Sunday was probably the hottest day of the year, so, with the exception of this quick walk with the dog, we spent it inside, painting the office. Well, who wouldn’t want to spend a sunny day breathing paint fumes?


Rubin in his favourite spot, by the window. I took this from my own position, on the couch, where I was coughing and wheezing my way through my SECOND cold since I got back from holiday. Gah.


Buoyed by his success with the shoe shelves, Terry added an extra hanging rail to my closet. I took a great deal of pleasure in colour-coding my clothes.



Terry took a photo of me which, he says, makes me look “exactly like a demon!” So that’s another dream realised, then. I think I’m going to use it as the cover of my first album.


Good to see that the people in the ‘hood are really taking this sign to heart: that’s a set of kitchen chairs you can see right behind it…


This is what optimism looks like. (It’s also what a really crappy excuse for a garden looks like, but whatevs.) We were given this garden set as a wedding present. We have NEVER been able to use it. Ever. We got married in 2007. It has rained ever since. Yesterday, though, in a fit of unbridled optimism, Terry dragged the set out of the shed, where it has been sleeping peacefully for years, oiled it all down, and set it up in the garden. Will this summer be the one in which the garden table will finally be able to fulfill its destiny? Or did Terry just do all that work for nothing? It’s like the radiator saga all over again, although, well, not even as interesting as THAT.

What did your week look like?

  1. I actually had someone tell me once that EVERY photo of me made me look exactly like a demon. So, I guess, welcome to the demon photo club. You make a much more attractive demon than I do.

    Actually, I don’t see the demonic-ness in your photo.

  2. The garden set is lovely! Fingers crossed you’ll be able to use it soon 🙂 The weather has been ridiculous here in Leamington today, but it was a good excuse for me to stay indoors with some DVDs.

  3. I actually had a photoshoot done of me as a demon-girl, so, unless you too pose with your hair wrapped around bits of wire attached to your head shaped like horns and no eyebrows, sorry, no demon title for you.
    And I happen to think that photo makes you look like a lovely fire-sprite/fairy than anything else.

    Also, colour-coding the closet is a fantastic idea! maybe I should try it too.

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