This week, my continuing search for foundation for pake skin led me back to the Dainty Doll line, by Nicola Roberts, and specifically to the new liquid foundation, which is £22 at Harrods.

I was sent this as a review sample, and the colour I received was shade 02, “light”, which is the second palest in the line. Now, at first I was a little worried about this, because I haven’t worn the second palest shade in a foundation line in my life. In fact,while my search for pale foundation has been a long and hard one, it’s also been pretty straightfoward: for instance, I never have to spend ages standing around at a beauty counter, swatching lots of different shades of foundation. I only need to try one – the palest – and if it doesn’t work, then I simply move on.

I fully expected shade 02 to be too dark for me, then, but of course, I was forgetting that this is a range designed specifically for people with pale skin, and that means that the lightest option may not be the best. So I gave it a go, and, much to my surprise, it was perfect.

I found it really hard to photograph this properly, because, well, it’s pale. Here are a couple of swatches, though:

Not the greatest pictures in the world, obviously, but basically this is pale, with yellowish undertones, and it is definitely pale enough for my skin, which is the thing I was most interested in. (I’d be really interested to see the palest version as a comparison!)

I was also really pleased with the consistency of this, which is your basic, mid-to-heavy coverage liquid foundation. Some of you may remember that the very first version of Dainty Doll’s foundation was a thick, cakey consistency, which was an absolute pain to apply: so much so that I gave up completely. This is much better, and while it’s still not the most blendable foundation I’ve ever tried, it’s a huge improvement, and the coverage is pretty good, too, and builds up well.

Overall, I would recommend this for anyone who sturuggles to find foundation pale enough for them: and if you’re paler than me, I’d love to hear what you think of the lighter shade!

I have some other Dainty Doll products to swatch for you soon, so keep an eye out for those, too!

Click here to buy this from Harrods.

  1. Thanks for the review! I’ve been curious about this line for a while but so many people I know complained about the formula of the original foundation that I never gave it a try. Will definately look into this once my MUFE HD and Revlon ColorStay foundations have run out!

      1. i never really wore liquid foundation much because i never found one the right colour (but i have bought a lot of brands and spent a lot of money trying to find one)id like to try the dainty doll and the illamasqua skin base in sb02, if only i could get samples! i dont want to waste more money,boo. ive nearly ran out of my lily lolo too!

  2. I splashed out the £22 as soon as it went on sale in harrods and I got the palest..well, how I wish I’d read this before I bought it! I’m exactly like you – always trying the palest one in the range and its always too dark. I think I’m going to wait for pay day and get the number 2 shade. I’ve tried lily lolo and the colour is great but I prefer a liquid too! 🙂

    1. Oh – I left out the most important sentence…it was waaaay too light! Almost paper-white. I’ve never seen a live person with a pulse with skin that white! Consistency is lovely though 🙂

      1. Oh, that’s really interesting: I would’ve automatically have ordered the lightest shade too if it had been up to me, but having seen the second-lightest, I suspected the lightest one must be almost pure white! I wonder if it’s mostly intended to be used for editorial stuff, or for mixing with other foundations? I have a pure white foundation from Illamasque which is literally paper-white, and while I’d never use it on its own, obviously, it’s quite useful for dialling down foundations that are a bit too dark, so it’s a useful thing to have!

  3. Hi we’ve tried the powder foundation as well, and its a great shade but the coverage is VERY light. We haven’t had time to try the liquid foundation yet, but after seeing this post, pretty confident its worth while, thank you! Loved the pink blush, and bronzer as both were quite light and didn’t make up look too made up, like a lot of cheek make up can. What products are you reviewing next Amber?

  4. I have to say i’m not impressed by this product, firstly its almost impossible to get a sample, so i ended up buying two full size ones, and the colour was good but the coverage is ALOT lighter than i expected. Also if you buy from harrods i don’t think they let you send it back.

  5. as a fellow redhead, i am also on a never-ending quest to find some light coverage for my face that is (a) not too dark and (b) not too yellow.
    i hope it’s not too off-topic, but i would really like to recommend that you try clinique’s new(ish) bb cream in shade 01. apparently bb creams are all the rage for pale korean girls, and i am happy to jump on the bandwagon. it has light but effective coverage, feels like it’s not even there, and it’s actually pale enough for my face! i always appreciate something that smooths out those lines i am just starting to notice (i’m about to turn 30) without caking a layer of oily goo until freak out and wash it all off.
    as you and i have very similar complexions, i think you would love it. it’s $37 here in the usa but a little goes a long way.

  6. I so wish I could get this 🙁 But I’m from the U.S. and the only place it seems you can get this foundation is from Harrod’s. The shipping is double the price of the product itself. About 43 pounds or 67 US dollars. Ugh. It figures the only foundation that’s pale enough is something I wouldn’t be able to have. US wants us all to be orange, I guess.

  7. I’m not sure if you have tried it yet but Dita Von Teese uses L’Oreal True Match foundation, so i assume that it will have a shade that is quite pale.

    1. ive tried the true match in the lightest shade but its still too dark for me.

      p.s – i caved in and bought the dainty doll shade 2, its a good shade but the coverage is REALLY light and its so shiny,i always need to put on powder :-<

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