First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win

In other news:

I learned how to use a hair donut to create a variation on my Messy Bunhead. And it only took me my entire life!

I know, I know: for someone who professes not to be a Hair Person, I’m certainly managing to crank out the ol’ hair posts recently hmm? This is quite a big deal for me, though, because it brings the total number of hairstyles I can do up to three. Actually, I tell a lie: it brings it up to four:

Five if you count the fishtail braid, which I ALSO learned to do, but didn’t take a photo of.

FIVE HAIRSTYLES, people! This time last year, I only had ONE!

I hope you’ll all buy my new book, by the way: Amber’s Adventures in Messy Bunland. It’s like Alice in Wonderland, except the rabbit hole is the Internet, and the bottle with the “drink me” label turns out to be WINE…

Some other stuff I did when I wasn’t busy fighting bad guys:

I wore things that are stripey and things that have bows on them. Sometimes I wore them at the same time. It’s an exciting life, and no mistake.

I drank a lot of coffee from my new mug:

(I have a Shoeperwoman one too. They are ace.)

I watched Terry juggle:

I was going to make a crude joke about balls here, but I’ll leave that up to you, OK?

I discovered that my dad is Made of Magic:

And so are these shoes:

(Disclosure: Shoes c/o Sarenza. SELLOUT.)

I became dangerously addicted to Sims Social on Facebook:

(Yes, my Sim is wearing the same top I’m wearing in photo #3.  I like to be coordinated.)

I can give it up any time, though. I have to finish building my new extension first, though.

We had some friends round for a little get-together:

This photo wasn’t actually taken that day, though, so it’s purely here for illustrative purposes. I don’t put photos of my friends on my blog, or even talk about them much, because they are imaginary I don’t want to infringe on their privacy or anything, but they do exist, and it was good to see them, and be able to talk about something other than people ripping me off on the internet. Although, obviously I DID talk quite a lot about people trying to rip me off on the internet. Sorry, guys.

As for Rubin, here is how he has been dealing with recent events:

I wish I was him sometimes, I really do.

(I know: the headline of this post made you think it was going to be something interesting, and it just turned out to be another one of those Instagram posts. Sorry, chickpeas. And sorry for calling you “chickpeas”, too.)

P.S. I also begged people to vote for me in the River Island Style Competition, which was supposed to end yesterday, but which is apparently still going on, and I have no idea why. I’m currently in second place, but there’s only three votes in it, and if you don’t go and vote for me rightthisverysecond, I will probably drop to third, the world will instantly end, and it will ALL BE YOUR FAULT. And all you had to do to stop it was to click here and then like the photo.

P.P.S. And I re-opened my Formspring account, for as long as it takes for the shop-related questions to start rolling in. Probably a couple of hours, then.

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  • Seriously loving Rubin’s curls, are they natural or a perm? :P

  • Reply August 29, 2011


    Omg, I love The Sims Social too! It’s too addictive, as soon as you complete one challenge, another pops up that you haaaave to do, haha.

  • Reply August 29, 2011

    Call me M

    I really liked this post! You should do posts like this more often! :)

  • Reply August 29, 2011


    Yay for the Sims ;D
    Oh and I would love to see a tutorial on the fishtail braid R*E*A*L*L*Y badly, puh-leez? :) I love all those braid hairstyles, but can’t do a single one of them! BUT yesterday we went to a wine festival (oh yeah!) and I did a Messy Hair Bun! My hair is not really long enough to make a big bun like yours, but I didn’t put it up too high and it looked very nice, my boyfriend told me :) Also, it’s different from the same old ponytail I wear every. single. day. Again: thanks!! :)

    • Reply August 29, 2011


      I just used a You Tube tutorial:

      Probably easier than me trying to explain it and confusing you :)

  • Reply August 30, 2011


    So sorry you’re having yet more trouble on-line. Why can’t everyone just play nicely together?

    Off-topic entirely…did some coding change on the Fashion Police site? For the last few days it’ll load the first picture, then run through loading all the facebook, google, twitter links and the picture disappears completely and I’m left with a blank screen. I’ve tried using my shortcut and linking from all your other sites. Nothing works. :-( I miss FP…

    • Reply August 30, 2011


      It’s possibly something to do with your javascript settings. Have a try now and let me know if it works please. If it doesn’t then let me know what browser and what version you are using and I will take a look

      • Reply August 30, 2011


        Still nothing. I’m using Windows Office 2010, so Internet Explorer. It worked fine up until last Wednesday or so. And I have no problem getting to any of the other sites. Thanks for taking a look!

        • Reply August 30, 2011


          Could you let me know what version of IE you are using? I Tried the latest versions of 7, 8 and 9 and they all seem ok.

  • Reply August 30, 2011


    We run Windows XP. Sorry – I really didn’t want to make work for you!

    • Reply August 30, 2011


      Yes but what version of internet explorer are you using? :)

      Send me an email and I will continue to work with you to see if I can get your issue sorted :D

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