LETTUCE: A Photo Story by Rubin

LETTIS!!!!  OMGLETTIS!!!!!!!!!  BRING IT!!!!!!

OK, then, DON’T bring it. I’ll just bring ME to IT instead. If the lettis won’t come to the Rubinman, why, the Rubinman must go to the lettis. LETTTIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I pray to the Mighty Lettis God. What do you ask of your humble servant, oh Lettis God?


COME to Rubin…


Lettis is mine. Now it will do my bidding. Like… I will make lettis levitate!

Styupid lettis.


[Photos by Terry. Thanks, Terry!]

(Amber’s note: Rubin likes lettuce. And almost all vegetables, to be honest. And also all other forms of food. And sometimes things that aren’t actually food. Like that spider he ate that one time. But lettuce! Is not harmful to dogs, as long as they’re not eating too much of it, which he isn’t. Spiders, on the other hand…)