Topshop call this a “polar bear” sweater:

But it’s clearly a Rubinman, no?


It’ll go nicely with one of those Rubin hats River Island seem to bring out every year, though:

He is taking over the world, one item of clothing at a time. You should all be very afraid.

P.S. Speaking of River Island, you could click here and vote for me in their current Style Competition, by “liking” the photo you will find there. Or you could face the wrath of the Rubinman instead, up to you.

  1. It’s funny, because I still refer to my RI hat as my “Rubinhat” and other half is always like, “What? Who’s Rubin? WHAT IS A RUBIN”.. Ah, what she doesn’t know.

      1. I’m also guilty of referring to my Rubinhat! It’s actually my favourite hat ever, so cosy and I always get complimented on it when I wear it out and about. Rubin’s very popular up in Aberdeenshire! *is now resisting urge to buy Rubinjumper*

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