Well, after what feels like an entire year’s worth of bad news for my blogging endeavours (See: having to take legal action against a copycat site, being relentlessly plagiarised by dozens of other websites, Google’s Panda update killing our traffic… I could go on), last night I finally got the boost I was so badly needing, with the news that my fashion blog, TheFashionPolice.net has been nominated for a Cosmo Blog Award in the Established Fashion Blog category.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear this. It was completely unexpected for me: I knew the Cosmo awards were taking place, of course, but having failed to even be nominated last year, I didn’t bother asking people to vote for TFP this year. I put out a couple of Tweets about Shoeperwoman, but I knew the competition would be fierce, so after that I pretty much forgot about it, and when people on Twitter started getting excited about the nominations announcement yesterday, I didn’t join in, because I knew – I just KNEW – that I wasn’t in with a chance. That’s the way this year has gone.

When I finally did click through to see the nominations, it confirmed exactly what I’d thought: I had no chance. The Established Fashion Blog category is full of some of the best bloggers in the UK: big names, who I fully expected to see there. And then, towards the bottom of the list… me. Wow. I am completely blown away. I know people always bang on about how “it’s an honour just to be nominated”, and I never really believe them, because I always just think, “yeah, yeah, you want to win”. To have been nominated alongside such fantastic bloggers, though, is absolutely amazing to me, and has really helped lift my spirits, at a time when I badly needed it, so if you were one of the people who nominated me than THANK YOU.

With all of that said, though… I would really like to win!  So if you have a few spare seconds to vote for The Fashion Police, I would really, really appreciate it: all you have to do is click here to go to the Cosmo site (you’ll have to enter your email address to vote: sorry! Please don’t hate me!), go to the “Established Fashion Blog” site and vote for The Fashion Police. Then wait for good karma to come your way, which it surely will…

Terry has prepared this handy graphic to help you. Now that’s worth a vote on its own, surely?

  1. Have done so this evening. Really hope you win and I’m glad you finally had a reason (besides Terry and the ever-adorable Rubin, of course) to feel happiness coming your way again!
    Best of luck!

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