72 Dresses (And nothing to wear)

A few weeks ago, Siel asked me how many dresses I have. I didn’t actually know the answer to that offhand, and I couldn’t count them because I was scared of what the answer would be at any given time about 50% of my clothes are packed away in the attic, waiting for the right time of year for them to be worn again. On Friday, that day finally came for the winter clothes, so I prepared myself for the Great Wardrobe Switchover 2011(Winter Edition). While I had all of my clothes out at the same time, I took the opportunity to do a quick count, and..

72 dresses.

(Er, they’re not all shown here, obviously. The summer ones are all in the attic now. Missing them already!)

I dunno, that seems… actually, I have no idea how that seems. I was going to say it seems not too bad (I mean, I’ve collected them – sorry, curated them – over many years, after all, so it’s not like I just ran out and bought 72 dresses one day. Although that would rock. And I DO actually wear them.) but now I come to actually write it down, it occurs to me that my opinion is probably skewed by the fact  that I know people who have a LOT more than that, who make my collection seem small in comparison. Hmmm.

Because I know you all care deeply about this, the 71 dresses are broken down as follows:

21 green dresses

16 black dresses

14 blue dresses

7 grey/silver dresses

6 cream/tan/beige dresses

4 white dresses

2 purple dresses

2 brown dresses

(OK, hands up: how many of you are prepared to admit that you totally added them all up in the hope that I’d miscounted?)

So, 72 dresses, many of them green or black.

The problem with this? Other than that I could really be doing with another closet to hold them all?

I have hardly ANY casual clothes.

Seriously, having systematically destroyed all of my jeans  over the summer, I’m left with 72 dresses and nothing to wear. You think I’m exaggerating, I know. And let’s face it, it wouldn’t be the first time. But I promise, I’m only exaggerating very slightly this time. And I mean, I know dresses can be “casual”. Most of mine, aren’t, though (They pretty much ALL get the “Why are you all dressed up?” reaction, so…), and because I really hate wearing tights, “winter casual” basically means trousers or jeans for me. Up until recently, I was the proud owner of:

The Best Chinos in All the Land: RUINED
Red Jeans: RUINED
Green Jeans: RUINED
Blue jeans: RUINED
Sundry pairs of ancient jeans: only suitable for wearing in the house
Assorted black jeans and trousers: not yet ruined
Leggings & jeggings: don’t really count as “clothes”

So you can see my dilemma: from this point forth, I must either wear dresses, or black trousers. And that’s it. Which is ironic when you consider that one of my most viewed posts, according to the little widget in my sidebar, is this one from years ago, in which I whine like a baby about how I only have causal clothes, and hardly any “dressy” stuff, OMG. I guess that was my “tipping point”. I seem to remember that after that I decided that working from home didn’t have to mean wearing jeans every day, and I apparently set myself the task of buying all the dresses in all the world. Or 72 of them, at least. And because I tend to go too far with stuff with like that (YA think?), now I have exactly the opposite problem. Seriously, I’m sitting here dressed like Audrey Hepburn, not even joking.*

First world problems: I got ‘em.

Make me feel better here, people: how many dresses do you have?


*Totally joking.