Babyliss Big Hair rotating styler

As the owner of fine, terminally limp hair, the quest for volume is a never-ending one, and when I heard various friends raving about the Babyliss Big Hair, I knew I would have to try one.

This is a rotating hair dryer basically: it has two heat settings and the revolving brush blows out air, allowing you to dry your hair and brush it out at the same time. The promised effect is more or less what you’d get from a professional blow-out at the salon: smooth, shiny hair, with added volume and bounce. Your stylist will generally achieve this effect by blow-drying the hair while using a large, rounded brush on it at the same time, but if you’ve ever tried to do this at home, you’ll know it can be a little tricky to manage brush and hairdryer together, especially on the back of the head. The Babyliss Big Hair, however, gives you both tools at once, allowing you to get that salon look at home: or so it claims, anyway!

I bought my styler at the start of the month, and, as described, it’s basically a large brush which just so happens to blow out hot air. There are two switches at the top of the handle which allow you to choose the direction the brush will rotate in: either towards your face for a smooth, turned-under look, or away from it, in a flicked-out style.

The first thing I realised when I started to use this is that it’s not exactly foolproof. In fact, the very first time I tentatively switched it on and applied the brush to my hair, it instantly tangled up so badly I was worried I was going to have to be cut out of it. Luckily for me, I managed to untangle myself pretty quickly, but there’s definitely a knack to using this, and took me a bit of practice to arrive at the perfect technique of holding the brush in place and then rolling it down the hair.  I suspect some of my problems here may have been to do with the fact that I fail at life my hair is long, and therefore tangles around the barrel of the dryer more easily. If you have a shorter style, I’d imagine you’d find it much easier to use: if in doubt, though, I know there are quite a few tutorials on You Tube which may be worth a look!

Once I’d got my technique down, though, I was pretty impressed with the styler. It doesn’t exactly give me “Big Hair” – I’ve long since learned that absolutely NOTHING does that for me! – but it does create a  great-looking blow-out, of the type I have never previously been able to achieve on my own. I find it particularly effective on my fringe, and the shorter strands of hair at the front of my head, which tend to stick out when I blow-dry normally, and it leaves all of my hair looking very smooth, with the ends turned under, which I like.

This is not quite a one-step tool for me, however, and I can’t use it to dry my hair from wet: or, at least, I could, but it would take forever. Instead, I have to either rough-dry most of my hair with my usual hairdryer, or leave it to air-dry for a while, before using the Big Hair to finish it off. Again, if you have shorter hair, I would imagine you’ll be able to use it right out of the shower: my hair is just too long for me to have the patience to dry all of it in sections every day, although for a special occasions it’s worth the time.

Overall, I’m happy I bought this, and have been using it most days. I still have the odd “tangling” incident, but nothing too bad, and because the barrel of the brush is large, if your hair does get caught up in it, at least it untangles easily!

This is £45.99 at Boots: click here if you want to try it for yourself!

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