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As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’m on a bit of a mission to sort out my makeup collection at the moment, and one of my resolutions was to buy some new makeup brushes. My current brush collection is… well, the less said about that, the better, to be honest: I’m very guilty of using brushes until they’re way past their best, and although I did replace a few of them last year, the relatively high cost stopped me buying more. Faced with the choice between a new lipstick or mascara and a new blusher brush, I’ll always go for the makeup itself, but this month I decided it was high time to make a more sensible investment!

Luckily for me, this decision coincided with me discovering MAC’s ‘Packed to Go’ collections. As the name suggests, these are really intended as travel kits, and you can buy everything from eyeshadows and liners to lipsticks and powdered, all packed in a little travel pouch, ready to be slipped into your suitcase. I, however, was most interested in the two brush sets which are available as part of the Packed to Go collection, and although I’m not planning on travelling anywhere (more’s the pity), I figured they’d be a good way to stock up on some new brushes without spending too much money.

I chose the ‘Shape and Perfect’ collection, which is £39.50. For that, you get five brushes, complete with case:

MAC makeup brush collectionThe brushes included are:


219SE – pencil brush
275SE – medium angled shading brush
187SE – duo fibre brush
212SE – flat definer brush
168SE – angled contour brush

These are all short-handled versions of their regular-sized counterparts. I was actually expecting them to be smaller than they are, so was pleasantly surprised by their size. (Not that smaller handles would have bothered me, mind you: I’d rather pay less for a “travel-sized” brush than pay more for a “regular” one) Here’s a photo of them with my hand for context:

MAC brush setI haven’t used these yet because they just arrived today, but so far I think they were a pretty good deal, and I’ll probably buy the other brush set in this collection – the Define & Blend brushes if it’s still available next month.

These are available from the MAC website: click here to visit it!

makeup brush set from MAC

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  1. All of MAC’s short handle brushes are not the same quality as the others. Their not hand made, their actually mass produced in a factory and they are not as soft and as good quality. If you want inexpensive MAC quality brushes, try getting some Sigma brushes. Their very similar in quality but a lot cheaper and they are also hand made, just like the full sized mac brushes. I don’t work for Sigma, I’m just a longtime reader of your blog who has experiences with both. Their website is and they have tons of sets and single brushes you can buy.

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