Make that 73 dresses.

So, I already had this dress:

Mustard dress from Dorothy Perkins

And I love it. Love it. It’s a great dress. All swingy, and swirly, and most importantly, mustard, which is my current colour obsession. And in ponte fabric, which I really love, because it doesn’t crease as easily as some fabrics, and I’m one of those people who can spend hours ironing her clothes, and then within two minutes of putting them on, they’ll be looking like I just picked them off the floor. Of a barn. But anyway: I  had this dress, and I loved this dress.

But then yesterday?

Yesterday, they released it in green, too:

Green ponte circle dress from Dorothy Perkins

And honestly, I think they did it deliberately, as a test of my willpower. Seriously: one of my favourite dresses, now available in my favourite colour? A test. Obviously.

People, I failed the test. I have NO WILLPOWER whatsoever. I am completely powerless to resist the lure of the green dress, so now I have 22 of them: or at least, I will have, once it arrives.

Can I get an intervention over here?

“There, there, Rubin… I promise I’ll get over my addiction one of these days…”