Yellow 50s skirt and high heels

(Skirt and body, ASOS, shoes, Christian Louboutin)

In an effort to get myself back on the blogging bus, after my recent absences (aside: there should totally BE a “blogging bus”, shouldn’t there? It would be filled with macarons and Instagram photos and red lipstick and it would be all kinds of awesome…), I decided to take part in the IFB Project, in which participants are given a topic to write about this each week, thus removing the pressure for me to actually come up with an idea on my own: yay! This week’s topic? “Make a collage or if possible an outfit post and show us your fall uniform. Tell us why the pieces you chose are ideal and necessary to be part of your uniform.” Well, OK…

As you can see, my Fall uniform this year will be a yellow skirt, off-the-shoulder top and high heels. And now that I’ve named this my “uniform”, I will feel obliged to wear it every single day. They will call me The Girl in the Yellow Skirt. Or possibly, The Girl Whose Shoulders Must Be Really Cold Because Who the Hell Goes Out With Bare Shoulders in October?

OK, so maybe I won’t wear the off-the-shoulder top every day. Not least because this top is actually a bodysuit: remember those? A bodysuit was part of my Spring, Summer, Winter AND Autumn uniform back when I was a teenager, and, naturally, I had hoped never to wear one ever again because of that. This was the only scoop-necked top I could find at the time, though, so I set aside my doubts and bought it, only to discover that, yes, bodysuits ARE every bit as stupidly uncomfortable as I remember them, fancy that! The problem wasn’t actually the “poppers”, either: it was the fact that the damn thing kept tugging the shoulders down, threatening to leave me topless at any given moment. I don’t think that would be ANYONE’S chosen Fall Uniform, do you?

Anyway, now that I’ve totally lowered the tone of this post, back to the subject at hand…

As I think I’ve mentioned once or twice or a million times, I don’t like Fall/Winter fashion, mostly because I’ve never really experienced a proper “Fall”. Here in Scotland, you see, we just go directly from Sort-of-Summer to OMGWINTER, with absolutely nothing in between. This year, the transition has been particularly sharp, so while the rest of you are all crunching through the crisp Autumn leaves, clutching your loved one’s mittened hands and talking excitedly about coats and boots, we here in the frozen north are having to spend forty minutes getting dressed every morning, in a process which involves:

a) Putting together a reasonably stylish outfit

b) Totally ruining said outfit by piling on cardigans, thick tights, scarves, thermals, and anything else we can find which will help keep us warm. Sometimes I get dressed and then just put my dressing gown back on over the top of everything. And sometimes I just don’t bother taking my dressing gown off until Spring comes again.

c) Adding even more layers.

d) And maybe a few more.

So I hate Fall fashion, because it’s just so fussy compared to the “dress + shoes” formula which gets me through summer without even having to think about it. Because of this fiery hatred of the season and its clothes, for most of my life, my Fall Uniform has mostly involved black. Lots and lots of black. I always start off with the best of intentions, but after just a few weeks of winter, the gloom of the season always makes me give up any pretence at “style”, and take refuge in dull colours, and anything that’s warm, regardless of what it looks like.

This year, however, will be different. No, really. This year, my Fall uniform will consist of:

1. Bright pops of colour. (Don’t you just hate it when people say “pops of colour”? I do.) Winter is depressing enough without me dressing like a widow, so I’m bringing sexy colour back. Mostly green, obviously, but also yellow. Maybe even some colourblocking if I’m feeling adventurous.

2. Circle skirts and pencil skirts.
I find skirts a little more versatile than dresses in cold weather, because you can wear thick sweaters with them and still look like you’ve made a bit of an effort. (It was actually quite warm on the day these photos were taken: I’ll obviously exchange the scoop neck for something warmer as the weather gets colder…)

3. Sheer tights

Yes, you read that right. See, of all of the things I hate about winter fashion, tights are the things I hate most. I know most women seem to go crazy over them, but I loathe them: I just find them really uncomfortable, and I think almost all of my outfits look better WITHOUT thick tights, so this winter I’m going to do a “Kate” (Middleton) and wear sheer tights instead. I’m actually wearing nude fishnets in these photos, which I love, because they add texture rather than shine, and they’re warmer than you might think. I’ve also managed not to ladder any of my pairs (yet), despite wearing them fairly frequently, and when you’re as clumsy as I am, that’s saying something.

4. Thick knits

Well, it’s not like I’ll be able to survive without them, is it?

5. Cropped trousers
I’ve been living in cropped trousers, lately: well, they’re the only kind of trousers that actually fit me without having to be altered, so I may as well like them…

And that’s my Fall Uniform. I think we all know I’ll end up in my usual black by the first week in November, though..

Amber and Rubin


What’s your uniform?

  1. Oh I just wrote a long comment and it disappeared! So sorry if this comes up twice! I shall do my best to summarise here:

    1) I love the shoes (obvs) are they new?
    2) I feel you on the tights thing. They make my bum and tummy feel all clammy, they make my shoes slippery on my feet, they totally limit the interactions between my shoes and my dresses, they go all bobbly, they’re expensive. SIGH.
    3) I suck at layering so I go for undergarments – slips, petticoats, longline bras – all provide extra warmth without looking too bulky.
    4) I’m wearing sheer tights today too! I hate them only slightly less than opaque tights.
    5) Your hair looks lovely, you really are gorgeous.
    6) Bodysuits. AAAAAGH!

    1. Hmmm, your first comment went into spam, for some reason: I think WordPress must be having one of its random “I think I’ll just mark everything as spam!” days – gah! Anyway, thanks for your lovely comments, and for making me feel less alone on this: I feel like Autumn seems to be most people’s favourite season (particularly for clothes) and I just Do Not Get It. I think Autumn stuff looks good on other people, but I’m just way too lazy to want to be bothered with all the layers, and it doesn’t ever look right on me. And OMG yes, the expense of the tights! I really need to invest in some new pairs, but I keep on buying more “fun” stuff instead. First world problems, eh? 🙂

      1. I wondered if that had happened, weird as I didn’t write anything that spammy – I mean, apart from telling you how you could earn tens of thousands working from home…

        1. I think it was maybe the bit where you said you were a hot Russian girl wanting to meet rich man? 🙂

          No, seriously, no idea – every so often it just decides to randomly mark completely non-spammy comments as spam, and then I feel really guilty and worry that the commenter will think it was ME who did it: stupid spam filter!

          1. Yes. Also, I have a large amount of money I want to donate to you, but only if you can promise me you’re going to use it in a charitable way, because I am dying and I don’t want my ungodly relatives to get hold of it. I will need you to send me your bank details and also to pay a £2000 fee to release the funds to you, but don’t worry because you will be getting £6.8 million UK dollars!

            The shoes are really very lovely, I can definitely see why they’re one of your favourite pairs.

    2. Oh, and I just realised I forgot to answer your question about the shoes – no, they’re a few year’s old now: one of my favourite pairs, though 🙂

  2. I can’t comment on my fall uniform, as down under in Aus, we’re supposedly in the middle of spring. (Which I find difficult to believe, considering the 30+ degree celsius temperatures)

    But I can comment on my spring/summer uniforms.

    Firstly, I have the standard floaty blouse/singlet and vest and denim 3/4 or knee length pants. Usually accompanied with gladiator sandals or thongs.

    Secondly, I have the maxidress uniform. Also with sandals or thongs. I mostly wear the maxidresses with vests for a bit of sun protection.

  3. well, we have the same issue with seasons over here too… normally we should have four seasons… but lately, we have the same thing as you: kind of summer and looooong, cold winter 🙁
    so my autumn uniform it’s something like: jeans, boots (or flats), thick / not so thick sweaters, a wool coat and my big traditional bag from Portugal; but the only sure thing is the bag because the weather is crazy, for example on Saturday we had 5 degrees Celsius and on Sunday 16.
    So basically I never know what to wear in autumn…
    On the other hand the only thing I like in autumn is that I may get to wear my cool boots 😀
    I’m more like a summer person

  4. I live in Manchester so an umbrella and mac are a must, my mac is red so its all fine, although I do forsee my grey wool coat coming out soon. My uniform will also consist of tea dresses, sheer tights/fishnets (if i could stop ripping holes in them that is) and my gorgeous new suede thigh high boots (I love them I do not care haha)

  5. What a gorgeous skirt, Amber! You remind me of an elegant ballerina 😀 The mustard colour has become one of my favourites 🙂 And your hair looks really nice, how did you do it?

    My fall uniform will probably exist of my summer dresses and skirts with cardigans and tights (I prefer coloured thights because they add something to the outfit instead of making it more boring like black tights do) or knee-high socks 🙂 You should really try long socks: they’re warmer than tights, supercute and don’t ladder 🙂

  6. Not being nearly as fashionable as you, my fall wardrobe usually consists of bootcut jeans, sensible shoes (I’m a librarian : ), and a long sleeved shirt, with many days of wearing wellies. As it gets colder, though, I will transition to skirts and dresses and tights and what I like to call my adventuring boots (think Legend of Zelda).

  7. I wants that skirt. Might have to visit ASOS come pay day…

    My autumn wardrobe largely consists of my summer wardrobe, only with thick opaque tights, possibly boots and a thicker cardi. I’m not especially adventurous when it comes to clothing…

    That said, I came up to the ‘burgh this weekend with TWO coats, gloves and hats in tow and it was unseasonally warm! I was most disappointed that my new mustard gloves were denied an outing!! 🙂

    1. The skirt was bought quite a while ago, I’m afraid, so not sure if they’ll still have it – worth a look, though, it’s a fab skirt (although hell to iron – so! much! fabric!).

      And I know what you mean… We went on a ghost walk on Sunday, and I wrapped up in loads of layers, thinking I’d freeze (last one we did was in summer, and I froze then, so I figured October would be so much worse). Of course, it was unseasonably warm, so I was boiling in all my layers – we went to dinner afterwards and I had to spend ages removing them all so I could get cool enough to sit down and eat!

      1. You’re right – just had a quick peek and no joy. There are still some stunning skirts to spend my pennies on though, so no tears at this end…

        Oooh – ghost walk! Fun! I’ve only ever managed Mary King’s Close, noever one of the proper Edinburgh ghost walks, which I hear are sometimes quite scary!

        1. We did Mary King’s Close a couple of years ago, and really enjoyed it… The one this weekend was super-scary, though – am just writing a post about it now!

  8. Despite liking tights and managing to wear colour all year long (I banned black from my wardrobe!), I agree with you. Everyone seems to be like “YAY autumn” and I can’t even count the times I’ve read on other blogs “It’s still so hot here I can’t wait until autumn and i’m going to pretend it is autumn by wearing thick clothing”. And I’m just thinking “I just plunked down serious money to get a few days in weather you want to escape. We call it a vacation here.” Le sigh. Then I realized their autumn weather is probably like our summer weather. Which is a little sad for us, but also helps me in understanding them. After I stopped crying in the corner about it, naturally 😉

    PS: Do try the color infusion though! 😀

    Relatable Style

    1. Yeah, I think it’s probably people who have ACTUAL seasons who really look forward to Fall… we could probably wear coats and boots here all year round if we wanted to, so it’s not much of a treat! I do notice that most people start longing for Autumn in, like JUNE, though, which I don’t get at all: stop wishing away the tiny opportunity we have for some nice weather!

  9. I think the slipping-off-the-shoulders war you have going on photographs really well. 🙂 Your outfit looks like something I would wear for the autumn season, although I do adore dressing up for it. Summer is my arch-enemy, isn’t that funny?

  10. You always look so elegant! That picture is GORGEOUS.

    My cold weather uniform is possibly your worst fashion nightmare: I love a good pair of wooly tights, and I sometimes look as though I’ve attempted to layer every item of clothing from my wardrobe together.

    I agree about cropped trousers though! Very useful in wet weather because then the ends of your trousers don’t trail on the ground :]

  11. I think they may have stopped automatic imports . I got a notification saying my blog posts would no longer automatically import to my fb page. 🙁

  12. My fashion mission for this autumn: trying to keep myself and my growing pregnant belly warm and comfy, and still look reasonably cute. So it’s mostly opaque tights, knitted or stretchy (or empire waist) dresses and flat boots or ballet flats for me. I’ve had to give up my usual uniform for the time being: can’t button up my skinnies anymore, and just can’t be bothered with heels.

  13. I’m one of those big fans of dark opaque tights and I can’t wait to get colder so I can wear them (it’s still 80F here in FL). But I also wear, and I’m a big fan, of the shear ones. Not the shine ones like Kate, but I found at Wal-Mart a box with 3 pairs of sheer not-shine-at-all nude tights (or is better to call them pantyhose??) for like $6.00. What I like about them is because they are almost invisible and they keep me warm. When the weather allows, I’ll wear one and send you a picture to show how they look like. I bet you would like them. On the other hand, you made me very tempted to try the nude fishnet ones. 😉

  14. I want to add “pops of colour”, too, but it turns out to be really difficult. I managed to acquire some red, yellow, and green sweatshirts, but finding a brightly coloured jacket is absolutely impossible (at least if you don’t want to spend hundreds of Euros on multifunctional outdoor clothing). I just don’t understand why the fashion industry believes that people do want to dress in dark colours when it’s already dark and gloomy outside. It doesn’t make any sense to me.
    So yay for you wearing colours in the dark season. Keep it up and lighten my day! 🙂

  15. ” Bright pops of colour. ”

    You know what it reminds me of? (Also, I hate such questions, but they do communicate pretty effectively, ja?)
    Anyway,it reminds me of giant, fat candy (Am I thinking too much of halloween candy? Not like there’d be a single soul trick-or-treating in India…)

  16. Oh shoot, I just left a comment on your last post saying I was still here and I realized it was from a few weeks ago. That’s terrible, though I was missing your writing, and that’s why I popped on… anyway, that bodysuit is perfect, I was searching high and low for one like it last winter and now I’m going to renew my search. Your hair, your entire outfit is so chic, and you make me want to go buy a swishy circle skirt. How did you do your hair?

  17. I love that skirt, i need one just like it. I’m the opposite, I love tights, got all colours and patterns to jazz up my outfits, I feel much better with them on, my legs look 10 times better and I’m not comfortable with bare legs at all which makes it hard for summer

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