Welcome to Hollywood

Yes, folks, it’s the moment absolutely none of you have been waiting for: part two of the video of our California trip. Because, yes, our holiday videos come in different parts. Think of it as like the Halloween movies, only a little less scary. Only a little bit, though.

(Part 1 of this series, a.k.a. “San Francisco” is here, for those of you who are interested. Yes, mum and dad, I AM talking just to you now.)

Enjoy! And tell Terry he is AWESUM for putting this together!

And now I’m going to go and lock myself in my bedroom so I can cry over the fact that we are not there anymore

The boulevards, the neon lights
I’ve been in love since the first sight
I wouldn’t change it if I could
Welcome to Hollywood

~ Mitchell Musso, Welcome to Hollywood


P.S. On the subject of holidays, Lape posted an interview with me on her travel blog today – you can see it here! Thanks, Lape!