This is how my week is shaping up so far.

Yeah, I got Man Flu, a.k.a. “a really heavy cold, but I will dramatise it to the extent that it will totally seem like I’ve had flu”. And I will liveblog it, too. Because I do that.

(Um, I don’t have a chesty cough, by the way. This was just the only cold remedy I had in the house. This is the most fascinating post I’ve written in a while, huh?)

As always when I get ill, I I find myself face-to-face with one of the very few downsides of self-employment. You see, my bed is RIGHT THERE. I can actually see it from my desk. I bet it would be really comfy and cosy in there right now. I could curl up with a good book, and maybe some really unhealthy snack food (because, as we all know, food you eat while ill totally doesn’t count. Feed a cold, folks!) and a giant mug of coffee. It would be almost like a holiday, but with added Lemsip and sneezing. It would be ace, actually.

But it is not to be. Because if I were to give in to this impulse, and retire to bed to nurse my Man Flu, my laptop would taunt me from just across the hall. “Hey, Amber!” it would say. “While you’re languishing in bed, like a Jane Austen heroine with a touch of the vapours, no one is doing your work! Your readers are all unsubscribing in droves. They will NEVER come back, and you will go out of business, and have to go and work down the pit or something. Have a nice day!” And even although my laptop is actually talking rubbish here, I believe it, and so I bravely soldier on, even although I think my nose just fell off and rolled under my desk.

Instead of taking the day off and going back to bed, then, I’m just going to whine a lot instead.  I apologise in advance to those of you who follow me on Twitter…

  1. I’ve just come out of the other side of an EVIL cold so you have my utmost sympathies! I had to spend an entire day in bed, and I actually cried because I felt so wretched. It was not my proudest moment. I love your logic that food you eat while ill doesn’t count! 😀

    1. Oh, totally – I mean, you have to keep your strength up somehow 😉

      Sorry you’ve been suffering, too – I know it’s just a cold, but it can make you feel horrendous!

      1. That’s one of the most annoying things about having a cold, that everyone says things like ‘it’s only a cold, what are you whining about?’ It’s obviously not the worst illness in the world but it makes you feel gross and sleepy and unable to do anything at all. Blergh. Hope you feel better soon! 🙂

  2. I would totally work out of bed. Every. Day. If I could. Right now I’m just a student, but my laptop is a faithful bedfellow of mine – I do most of my essays under the covers!
    Get well soon 🙂

    1. I try that every so often, but I can never seem to get comfortable! When I first exchanged my desktop for a laptop, I thought I’d be able to work anywhere – I had all of these images of me sitting in coffee shops, or lying in bed, or whatever, but the reality is that I only ever use it at my desk – I totally fail at relaxing!

  3. I just got over a nasty cold a few weeks ago, but I can feel a cough making itself known. I wonder if applying your logic would work for me — I have the week off for Thanksgiving, after all. My bed is awfully comfy, and there are just so many nice, cozy blankets…

    1. Oh, the cold which keeps coming back is the worst! I had one of those over the summer and I felt like I was ill for weeks – you have my sympathies!

      I’m actually thinking of taking a couple of days off over Thansgiving, too – never seems to be much point updating sites when the majority of my readers are all on holiday!

  4. Total sympathies. I’ve a perforated eardrum and the pain is unholy. On horse sized antibiotics and moaning to anyone who’ll listen (which now includes you). Woe is me (and you) xox

  5. Hey, love the new look 🙂 I have the manflu too, courtesy of my boyfriend who came to visit this last week, and got terribly ill, then decided that as we do so much together we should also be sick together. Except he had already left by the time my cold got terribly masculine, aka horrid. Even the dog doesn’t want to come close to me, I’m such a germ bag… and yes, also self-employed and working from home, no rest for the wicked and that bed that is calling me non-stop :S

  6. Ugh, that was me last week. But as soon as I convinced my husband to go to the drug store and buy out the cold/flu section (and cancelled our dinner plans) I felt instantly better. WHINE WHINE WHINE. And, dude, your title lyric… that’s one of my favorite songs. It’s my “I’m-just-a-tiny-bit-drunk-and-feeling-sorry-for-myself” song. My college roommate used to roll her eyes and then give me a hug whenever I played it.

    1. Ah, I’m so excited that someone recognised the lyric! One of my all-time favourites, too, and you’re spot on with the “getting drunk and feeling sorry for yourself” (Also works with All My Friends from that album, I find…), although lately it’s been more my “trudging through fallen leaves and feeling sorry for myself” song. Ah, I love Counting Crows!

  7. Hi! I’m sorry you’re sick! I stumbled across your blog by googling ‘dressember’ and love that you participated in the festivities last year! i wanted to invite you to join in on it again this year!
    check out my blog and let me know if i should add you to the roster!


    1. Hi Blythe!

      It was actually a different Dressember group I was part of last year… I haven’t decided yet whether I’m going to take part this year: keep going back on forth on it!

  8. I totally agree with that statement! The food you eat when you’re sick doesn’t count at ALL. Any associated weight gain is completely a result of the phlegm left over in your skull or lungs.

    Hope you’re feeling better!


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