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Nanoblur is possibly one of the most-hyped beauty products of the year so far: it’s one of those “quick fix” creams, which doesn’t offer long-lasting changes to your appearance, but DOES promise to make you look younger and better while you’re wearing it. In this case, Nanoblur claims to make you look “Up to ten years younger in 40 seconds or less.” Well, obviously I was going to have to try THAT…

Unlike many of the other products in this genre, Nanoblur is actually pretty cheap. It costs just £20 per tube (Mine was actually sent courtesy of price comparison website,, which makes it even more tempting – and made me even more skeptical, I must admit. So, what is it?

This looks like skin cream, but is really a cosmetic product, which, according to the blurb, “Immediately reduces the appearance of skin ageing, including the look of lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, sagginess and enlarged pores.” It comes in a white plastic tube, and looks much like any other cream:

Nanoblur reviewThere are a few different ways to use this, but the key to it is that it must always be the last step in your regime, so if you’re using it with makeup, you have to apply your makeup before using the Nanoblur. You can also use it on its own, however, and I decided to try that first, so I could give it a proper test.

Just like in the adverts I’ve seen for this, I decided to start off by applying the product to one side of my face only, so I could really see any difference it made. (No, I didn’t take photos of this: you have to be very unlucky to get to see me without my makeup!) I applied a thin layer over my skin, and waited for a few seconds to allow it to get to work.

Almost instantly, I felt a light tingling/tightening sensation on the surface of my skin, where I’d applied the cream. It’s not an unpleasant or painful sensation, and is much like the feeling you get with something like the Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX product I reviewed earlier this year. After about a minute, I looked in the mirror and…

…yes, there was a definite, visible difference between the side of the face I’d applied Nanoblur to, and the side I hadn’t. The main difference for me was that the Nanoblur side was now very, very matte. My skin has a tendency to shininess, and this product soaks up every last bit of it, so you’re left with a totally matte finish, which also has the effect of making my skin look paler and smoother. On the Nanoblur side, the pores were less visible, and the fine lines around the eyes were less pronounced, but not dramatically so.

Did I look ten years younger, though? 

No, not really. Smoother and less shiny, yes, but not a whole ten years younger. Damn.

Having just told you that Nanoblur has to be used AFTER foundation, you can presumably guess what I did next. Yes, I tried to apply foundation over it. “Well, how hard can it be?” I thought. The answer? Very hard. Foundation just didn’t work over the top of it: unsurprisingly, given that the instructions specifically tell you not to do this. It won’t do you any harm, of course, it just goes on very patchy, and looks horrible, basically. I tried only in the name of research (I promise!), but didn’t repeat the experiment: instead, the next time I tried this, I used it OVER my foundation, as directed.

This attempt was a bit hit and miss. I find it quite difficult to apply the cream without it taking my foundation off, or making it look streaky, and when I do manage to get the application right, I have to use such a small amount of the product that I don’t really feel it makes a huge difference to my skin. That said, I don’t have a lot of deep lines yet, so I decided to take the test further, and took my trusty tube of Nanoblur to my mum, to let her have a go.

On my mum, the effect of this was much more apparent. As well as the mattifying effect I’d noticed, her frown lines looked softer (she also tried applying it to just one side of the face) and she really felt that it had made a difference. The difference it makes does seem to differ from person to person, however, because once my mum had tried it, Mr Dollface decided he had to have a go, too… On him, there wasn’t much difference to the frown lines, but we all noticed an improvement in the under-eye shadows and some of his other fine lines.

(Yeah, we have some fun times in our house, can you tell?)

Overall, I think this product DOES make a difference: just not a “ten years” younger, difference, although I do think there’s a knack to applying it properly, and I’m willing to admit that I may not just have found that knack yet! For me, I think the Peter Thomas Roth product I mentioned above has a much more obvious effect, and while it IS more expensive, it would still be my first choice above this: I think my best advice to anyone thinking of trying this would be to try to sample it first, so you can see exactly what kind of effect it will have on YOU, first. Oh, and be prepared to spend a little bit of time getting used to it: if you’re using it with makeup, it’s definitely not a “slap it on without even looking in the mirror” kind of thing!

This is available at Boots – or rather, is currently NOT available at Boots, because it’s been so popular that it keeps selling out. I got mine from, which allows you to compare prices on lots of different products and then purchase direct from the retailer. You can check them out here.

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