This is what I’ve been wearing lately:

green pencil skirt and turtleneck

(Skirt, Topshop; turtleneck, Primark; boots, River Island; enormous hair,  Amber’s own.)

I mean, not this exact outfit EVERY day, obviously. I don’t have a wardrobe filled with seven identical green pencil skirts and seven identical green turtlenecks, or anything. That would be weird. And also kind of cool. (I do have a lot of pairs of black boots, mind you…) But some variation on this has become my winter uniform: pencil skirt, turtleneck, tall boots, done. Sometimes I’ll go wild and replace the skirt with  cropped pants. Living ON THE EDGE, people.

Anyway. This is my uniform, and this is also why I was reluctant to join in with Dressember this year. As those of you who’ve been following me for a whole year (just humour me and pretend you have, OK?) may remember, Dressember is a month-long attempt to bring back “dressy” dressing, with participants encouraged to wear a dress every day for the entire month, and take photographs as “evidence”. It was set up in reaction to something I think of as The Cult of the Casual, whereby people tend to live in jeans or sweatpants, and only get “dressed up” for weddings, or other very formal events: and sometimes not even then.

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with dressing casually, if that’s what works for you. But for those of us who really love to dress up, the fact that there are so few opportunities to do it these days can be a bit of a drag: and when we DO throw on a dress and a pair of heels, we’re usually met with scornful glances and endless questions about whether we have an interview, and why we’re “all dressed up”. Sometimes it can be hard to overcome that. I got sucked into the cycle of “jeans with everything” a few years ago, and it was really hard to break out of it: not because I didn’t WANT to, but because it’s so unusual to see someone wearing a dress of ANY kind in my town that you can end up feeling really uncomfortable when you do.

But now I wear dresses. Quite often, in fact. And that’s one of the reasons I wasn’t going to take part in Dressember this year: because it’s supposed to be a challenge, and for me it’s not so much a “challenge” as it is “taking photos of what I wear every day and posting them on the Internets,” which isn’t really something I want to do, for various reasons. I really enjoyed Dressember last year, though, mostly because I met some great people through the Facebook group at the centre of it all, so I’ve decided to give it a go this year too, although with a couple of modifications: I won’t be posting photos every day this time, and I will probably also include the occasional skirt, just to have a bit of variety. This is a bit cheaty of me, but they were allowed last year, and like I said: obsessed.

So, who wants to join us? If you do, you’ll find the Facebook group here: there’s no obligation to post photos if you don’t want to, though: you’re more than welcome to just join in however you like!

As for me, here’s one of the reasons I won’t be doing daily photos:

Left to my own devices, they all end up blurry as hell. Or I get a ton of photos that look like this:

With me grinning rigidly at the camera, while thinking, “Why isn’t it working? Why isn’t it working? Why isn’t it working?”

Anyway: Dressember! Who’s in?


  1. I think I will be taking part (except I don’t get my clothes out of storage until Saturday so I’ll have to be a couple of days late starting…). On a side note, your hair really does have more body with that powdery stuff (it looks lovely, btw), I may have to get it!

  2. Lovely outfit (as always)!

    Going to join in on the challenge just like last year.
    Biggest challenges for me is to get some of my summer and mid-season dresses winter proof and to take pictures of what I’m wearing. I haven’t mastered the art of taken my own pictures with the tripod yet, so I mostly rely on my partner to take pictures of me 😉

  3. Yayy. I’m glad you’re doing Dressember this year too. Because I loved your outfits from last December, and you look fantastic in dresses, and skirts. I think that you’re incredibly beautiful though, and you look amazing in any outfit, or picture. 🙂
    I would like to take part in the Dressember challenge, but I don’t think I have so many dresses or skirts.
    But I love dressing up, and that’s something I’ve been thinking too for a while. When did people start wearing jeans for any occassion, and wearing a dress/skirt, or just a simple outfit that doesn’t include jeans, became weird? I see it in my city, and country in general, too. If you dress a little bit better than anyone else who’s wearing jeans, you’re getting lots of stares. Especially from other women. I get a lot of stares when I’m wearing high heels, and something more dressy than jeans, it’s so annoying.

    1. Aww, thank you! And you should still do it, even if you don’t have a lot of dresses – it kind of becomes a remix challenge in that case, which can be interesting, too. I always think your outfits look so polished and elegant, though, whether you’re wearing a dress or not 🙂

  4. I really like that photo – I’m going to have to get my hands on some of that volumising powder!

    I didn’t do Dressember last year on the grounds that wearing a dress every day isn’t a challenge for me – but taking a photo every day and blogging more frequently would be, so I think I’m going to 🙂

    1. Haha, yes, last year I definitely found that while wearing a dress every day wasn’t really a challenge, daily blogging/outfit photos most definitely was: I take my hat off to people who do it every single day – it’s so much more time consuming than it looks!

          1. I have a decent camera, but the lighting in the office is terrible for taking photos at this time of year, and I don’t really have another spot I can take them in, given that it’s almost always cold and rainy! And as I’ve discovered, even a good camera can produce really terrible photos when it’s on auto with the remote control – and, er, me in charge of said remote!

            1. Oh daylight, how I miss you.

              Looking forward to see what you guys come up with though. I’m already sorting through my dresses and trying to find ones I didn’t wear last year. Also, investing in lots of tights and cardigans!

            2. I really need to buy more tights… Luckily there’s a giant Primark opening in our town next week, so I think I might stock up there on the cheap 😉

              I had a look through my closet yesterday and I’m actually going to struggle not to wear the same ones as last year, which is kinda surprising because I bought loads of dresses this year: I just seem to have bought mostly summer ones, and they’re all in storage in the attic now (and would be totally wrong for the weather, anyway!). I really think skirts will have to be used, if only not to bore everyone to tears!

  5. I love the idea, although I won’t be able to do it, sadly. I just read it’s really dresses only, not just dressing to the nines or skirts + dresses. I don’t own nearly enough dresses to go through all of December with it 😉 I have enough workload already in December, an addition of figuring out how to wear my 10 dresses in 31 ways (including Christmas and New Years!) on top of that, now that sounds exhausting. I would have done it if skirts were allowed, I think I have 50 skirts or so 😉

  6. I’d love to join, but most dresses and skirts I own are either not suitable for work or definite summer clothes. 🙁
    So that leaves maybe two or three skirts in which I will not freeze to death, and that will get boring very soon.

    Why can’t they launch a project like that in June??!!!

  7. Wearing a dress every day isn’t a challenge for me – I wear one most days to work. It’s the taking of the photos. And given I am moving house next week, the challenge will be too great for me to contemplate. So I will just admire your dresses from afar.

  8. It is fantastically tempting, even though it won’t mean much of a chance from my every day wardrobe of dresses, no matter what. On the other hand, given that it’s becoming quite warm in the Antipodes (finally), the temptation to get around in shorts is becoming quite strong (at least at home). Yes, Dressember is very tempting indeed…

  9. I’m going to do it this year! I think it looks like fun, and admittedly, not much of a challenge for me 🙂

    Your hair is so lovely, by the way!

  10. i’m a lil late in the game.. mainly because i just found out about it today! so this will be my first year sans 4 days or so. i’m like you! dressing up or wearing a dress every day isn’t a challenge. lol the challenge will be taking photos inside w/o having to bump the iso up so high i look like a picassa pic, or not looking like a hot mess in every photo. 🙂 let the fun begin i guess?

    btw i freaking love that skirt on you!

    <3 Pamada

    1. The photos are definitely the biggest challenge for me – both finding the time to take them (I always get to about 4 o’clock or something before I think about it, and then the light is terrible and I just now it’s going to be a blurry mess) and getting the camera to actually focus on me with the remote: self-photography is definitely not one of my skills!

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