Hey, Dollfaces!

I’m currently laid up with a heavy cold, so I hope you’ll forgive a very lazy post, the purpose of which is simply to show you the contents of this month’s Glossybox, which was a very welcome surprise yesterday afternoon. I will try to string together a coherent thought (or as coherent a thought as I ever manage, anyway) tomorrow, but for now we have, from left to right…

Philip Kingsley Elasticiser
A super-moisturising shampoo for all hair types.  My hair has been thoroughly abused with the heated rollers and curling tongs lately, so hopefully this will help whip it back into some kind of shape.

ETRO set of five fragrance vials
I would tell you what these smell like, but I can’t actually smell ANYTHING right now. Woe is me!

Exactly what it sounds like.

NAIL ROCK Designer Nail Wraps
I’ve wanted to try nail wraps for ages, so I’m really keen to test these out. Mine are in a black and white stripe pattern, which is a bit of a departure for me, as I usually stick to bright red or neutrals when it comes to nails, but it should be fun to try something different.

ARBONNE FC5 Ultra Hydrating Hand Creme
I’ve had this sitting on my desk since it arrived, so I can remember to use it at regular intervals. Before my sense of smell deserted me completely, I was really enjoying the smell of this – hoping it will bring some life back to my dry cuticles, too!

Now, back to the Lemsip!

(Disclosure: this was a PR sample.)

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