little black dress

Dress, Zara;  scarf, River Island; cardigan, Topshop; bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs (c/o Shopbop); shoes, New Look

OK, so, after the blatant cheatiness of my first Dressember post,  and the lateness of my second, you will no doubt be pleased – and by “pleased” I mean “completely indifferent” – to know that I AM actually wearing this dress today. Right now, in fact, as I type this. Yes, I am liveblogging my outfit. It’s almost like you’re right here with me, isn’t it? It doesn’t get more thrilling than this, folks, let me tell you.

(No, really, I’m being serious: it LITERALLY doesn’t get any more thrilling. Some days I wear green dresses, some days I wear black ones. That’s it. GOD.)

short black dress

This dress is from Zara, which is also known in my family as “Amber’s Wardrobe”.

“I wish I had a walk-in closet,” I whined to my mum, earlier this year.

“You do,” she said. “It’s called ‘Zara'”. And it kind of is. Let’s just say that every night when Terry goes to bed, he says a small prayer of thanks that there isn’t a Zara in our town. And he isn’t even religious.

sparkly gold cardigan(Weird photo, included just to try to show the sparkliness of the cardigan…)

Anyway, I bought this dress while we were on holiday in California this year. Some people like to bring back real souvenirs from their trips, like, seashells, and local produce and… I have no idea, actually. Cheese? Wine? Wine and cheese? Er, tea towels? (We sometimes bring back tea towels emblazoned with a crappy picture of the place we’ve visited, for our parents. It’s a kind of running joke. We like watching their faces as they struggle to look thrilled by a tea towel which we bought as part of a “five for three euros” deal or something.)

Me, though, I like to treat clothes and shoes as my souvenirs. They’re better than seashells and stuff, because:

a) You can’t actually wear seashells. Unless you are Lady Gaga, in which case you probably can. And will.


b) They are just as evocative.

Every time I wear this dress, for instance,  I remember the day I bought it, in Santa Monica. In fact, here I am, just a few minutes after the purchase was made, with the Zara bag right beside me, and an expression of pure bliss, which has nothing to do with the mojito in front of me, and is ALL ABOUT THE DRESS.

(Photo by my dad, who has a rare talent of capturing me in really awkward moments.)

(And yes, I wore a GREEN DRESS that day, GOD. You can already see how this Dressember business is going to pan out, can’t you?)

So now, as well as getting to be here with me while I wear it, it’s like you were also there when I bought it, no? It’s all getting a bit creepy now, to be honest, isn’t it? And it’s an awful lot of information about what is, let’s face it, a really boring black dress. Look, here are some shoes:

Black platform stilettos

  1. I too bring back dresses as souvenirs, so I know just what you mean. I think I could tell a wee story about each one of my dresses, and I certainly remember where I got them all and how I was feeling when I bought them.

    You look lovely, as always – I’m always envious of people who can look elegant in scarves, I just don’t have that knack.

    1. Oh me, too…every dress tells a story 🙂

      Thanks for the scarf comment – I don’t normally bother with many accessories because I’m rubbish with them – this is why I like the simplicity of dresses! – but I do like my scarves!

  2. you are doing well with dressember 🙂 i couldn’t resist a pair of leather shorts in a sale the other day and failed it by wearing them at the weekend!
    also, can i ask where the pair of shoes on the end of the third shelf up from the floor are? the cream (?) with red on them? i like the look of them! 🙂

    1. Those were from Next – they’re about a year old now, though, so I’m not sure they’ll have them now. I did actually spot a pair of them on eBay last week, though, so you might be able to find them there 🙂

  3. I totally get you on this. I don’t always come back with a dress, but I like to buy things I can wear/ use that’s evocative of where I’ve been. For example, I bought leather handbags in Italy, and a tartan mini kilt in Edinburgh. It makes you remember your holiday. X

    1. Totally – and at least you actually get to use the clothes, whereas the tourist stuff just gets thrown in a drawer and forgotten.

      This is why I can never go back to Paris, though – I’m fairly sure I’d convince myself the best souvenir would be a case-full of Louboutins!

  4. I do that too. I usually bring back shoes from my trips, but I like to bring bags and clothes too. And when I wear them, I remember the city where I bought them from and smile. But very few people seem to get it. I usually get weird looks. Like, don’t we have shoes here? Why didn’t you bring a real souvenir from the city?
    Anyway, you look fantastic. The outfit is great and I loved the shoes.

  5. If you like buing clothes on holiday you should visit Stockholm for sure. You know, Sweden, the land of glory (and ikea and h&m, yay). There’s a street with about 3 or 4 different stores of h&m products. When I was there, it felt like the entry of heaven, I guess my face was just like yours after buying that zara dress.

    My recommandation: Kungsgatan, Stockholm.

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