Grandad Pants

(Grandad pants and cardigan, H&M; sweater, Zara; shoes, French Connection c/o Spartoo)

Ever since I fell off the Dressember bandwagon, I’ve had absolutely no idea what else to write about here, so I’m just going to keep blogging my outfits, and pretend that’s not weird, even although there is almost nothing stranger than taking photos of yourself and posting them on the internet. Seriously, what could be weirder than that? I mean, there was that time I wrote a post from the point of view of the radiator in my bathroom, true. But before I fall headfirst down the rabbit hole of “OMG, blogging be weird!”, let’s get on with the show, shall we?

So, this post is about my Grandad Pants. No, not my grandad’s pants: that really WOULD be bizarre. More so than this is, even. My grandad pants. I call them that because something about the brown check makes me think these are just begging to be worn with a flat cap, and, I don’t know, maybe a pipe? And I would wear them to the dog track, and drink lager from a can? Or something? They also look vaguely like something Betty Draper might wear in one of her more causal moments, though, so I’m going to claim Betty as the inspiration for this outfit (even although she totally wasn’t) and hope you all just forget that stuff I just said about the dog track. Honestly, we don’t even have a dog track here. It’s wrong that I just spent so much time wondering what I’d wear to one.

(Aside: does anyone else do that? Like, you see some fictional scenario on TV, or in a movie or something – tea with the queen, alien-invasion of the planet, that kind of thing – and then you spend the next 60 40 20 10 minutes thinking, “My God, what if I ever find myself in just such a situation? WHAT WILL I WEAR?” And just so you all know, if I ever find myself invited to a registry-office wedding in 1959, and I am the bride, I now know EXACTLY what I will wear, because I found it last week. God, it’s a tragedy that that can never happen. Why is my life so full of suffering?)

I’ve totally lost the thread of this post now. I started off talking about grandad pants, and now I’m worrying about what to wear to tea with the queen.  Anyway, these photos were taken as part of the Shoe Challenge, which is now entering its final few weeks, even although it feels like it’s been going on for about ten years or something. I still have 12 pairs of shoes to get through. And once I’ve shown you all of those, what will I write about then, I wonder? Maybe I should go and see if the bathroom radiator has anything to say for itself…