(Grandad pants and cardigan, H&M; sweater, Zara; shoes, French Connection c/o Spartoo)

Ever since I fell off the Dressember bandwagon, I’ve had absolutely no idea what else to write about here, so I’m just going to keep blogging my outfits, and pretend that’s not weird, even although there is almost nothing stranger than taking photos of yourself and posting them on the internet. Seriously, what could be weirder than that? I mean, there was that time I wrote a post from the point of view of the radiator in my bathroom, true. But before I fall headfirst down the rabbit hole of “OMG, blogging be weird!”, let’s get on with the show, shall we?

So, this post is about my Grandad Pants. No, not my grandad’s pants: that really WOULD be bizarre. More so than this is, even. My grandad pants. I call them that because something about the brown check makes me think these are just begging to be worn with a flat cap, and, I don’t know, maybe a pipe? And I would wear them to the dog track, and drink lager from a can? Or something? They also look vaguely like something Betty Draper might wear in one of her more causal moments, though, so I’m going to claim Betty as the inspiration for this outfit (even although she totally wasn’t) and hope you all just forget that stuff I just said about the dog track. Honestly, we don’t even have a dog track here. It’s wrong that I just spent so much time wondering what I’d wear to one.

(Aside: does anyone else do that? Like, you see some fictional scenario on TV, or in a movie or something – tea with the queen, alien-invasion of the planet, that kind of thing – and then you spend the next 60 40 20 10 minutes thinking, “My God, what if I ever find myself in just such a situation? WHAT WILL I WEAR?” And just so you all know, if I ever find myself invited to a registry-office wedding in 1959, and I am the bride, I now know EXACTLY what I will wear, because I found it last week. God, it’s a tragedy that that can never happen. Why is my life so full of suffering?)

I’ve totally lost the thread of this post now. I started off talking about grandad pants, and now I’m worrying about what to wear to tea with the queen.  Anyway, these photos were taken as part of the Shoe Challenge, which is now entering its final few weeks, even although it feels like it’s been going on for about ten years or something. I still have 12 pairs of shoes to get through. And once I’ve shown you all of those, what will I write about then, I wonder? Maybe I should go and see if the bathroom radiator has anything to say for itself…

  1. You’re rocking those grandad pants! Give us a shout for the dog track, I’ve got my outfit planned! I totally do that all the time, if you do decide to get married in a 1959 registry office…..I’ve got my shoes sorted! L x

  2. I must get myself one of those cardigans immediately. Also some grandad pants. And never fear, I spend entirely too much time figuring out what I’m going to wear to a) my wedding, which won’t happen for at least another decade, b) any sort of fancy dinner party, no matter the theme, and c) when I am eventually famous and being asked for interviews.

    1. c) when I am eventually famous and being asked for interviews.

      Thank God you said that. I sometimes like to imagine what my speech would be if I won an Oscar. Because that could TOTALLY happen.

  3. You rock those granddad pants! For what it’s worth, I think they would be fab with red shoes. And a bright pink sweater. And your hair is GORGEOUS. So jealous!

    I love your rambling! 🙂 You always make me laugh and simultaneously want to go buy gorgeous shoes.

    1. Well, red shoes I can do, but bright pink is Not My Colour, unfortunately: in fact, it really hates me. It’s a shame, because every time I see a really, really stunning dress, it’s almost always either pink or red, which also hates me: gah!

    1. Oh no, I wouldn’t wear THIS outfit for tea with the queen! This one’s for the dog track. I would have to find something else for Queenie 🙂

  4. I’m just happy to read your posts, no matter what you write about. I’m not the best at commenting, since I usually read them in my rss reader (ipad), but I always enjoy your writing.
    Especially when you rant about stuff ^^ ;oP

    And you look beautiful as always!

  5. I am so glad I’m not the only one who thinks up scenarios for outfits and vice versa. Today, for instance, I am wearing an outfit that would be perfect for hooking up with Nancy Drew and solving crime in the 1950s. Ah well – modern life may be rather samey and predictable at times, but at least our clothes are having fantastic imaginary adventures.

    1. Today, for instance, I am wearing an outfit that would be perfect for hooking up with Nancy Drew and solving crime in the 1950s.

      OMG, I can already tell that I would LOVE that outfit! Nancy Drew crime-fighting ensembles are one of my favourites 🙂

  6. I often think about what to wear to accept a huge lottery check, but then my mind skips to how I’ll spend the money and when I finally come back to myself, I’m really grouchy to discover it was just a fantasy. Sometimes an imagination is a curse. :0)

  7. I love this outfit! I want to wear my furry collared cardi again.
    Do you have a flat cap? I think you would look awesome in one – you can pull off hats really well.

    1. Haha, no, no flat caps, I’m afraid – in fact, just last week, I realised I’ve somehow managed to put almost ALL of my hats into the attic along with my summer stuff: will have to send Terry to get them down again!

  8. Nope, you’re not the only one. Plus, I am notoriously fussy about what I wear everywhere and anywhere, and tend to drive my household crazy. I fussed about what to wear to dinner with my husband on my birthday, I fussed about what to wear to my company’s xmas dinner, I am currently fussing over what to wear to the club where I worked a few years ago (we are going out this weekend)… And yes, I always imagine what I’d wear if this happened or that happened.
    I think I might need a new dress, or three 0.o

    And your entire outfit is just amazing! I adore it! I can see it in a huge house somewhere in the countryside. Something a well bred lady would wear when not in her riding clothes, but still being casual. And yes, it has a very 50’s feel to it 🙂

    1. Aaah, that’s exactly the look I was aiming for (when I wasn’t being distracted by thoughts of flat caps and dog tracks, that is) so I’m really glad it came across!

      And yes, I’m exactly the same with the fussing. I mean, we have lots of stuff on over the next couple of weeks, like most people, and as I said to my mum yesterday, I’m currently having to carry a long list of possible outfits around in my head: even if the “event” in question is no big deal, I will still FUSS. So glad it’s not just me!

  9. The thing about Grandad pants is that they are sooo warm and comfy… if you get the right ones. I still can’t forget a certain pair I got from Zara. They actually became known as “those itchy trousers”… put me off tweed for a good while 😉

  10. Oh Amber you look stunning!

    Although I’m still gutted there is no dressember…I was buying dresses going to my husband “well SOME people call this month dressember donchaknow?!”

    1. Oh, worry not, there are still plenty of other brave souls Dressembering, so you still have an excuse! (They’re all here: http://www.facebook.com/Dressember) And ironically, as soon as I gave it up, I started wearing dresses almost all the time again – this was the first pair of pants in weeks!

  11. oh gawd. i never. ever. make up imaginary situations and coordinate outfits with them.

    and i’ve never. ever. bought a dress for the purposes of nothing but to take pictures in it and tell myself that one day, one day i’ll wear this to a wedding of some sort.

    /sheepish grin 🙂

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