The Days of Christmas

On the second day of Christmas, I dropped my iPhone while getting out of the car, and cracked the screen.

On the third day of Christmas, I scorched my favourite skirt while trying to iron it.

On the fourth day of Christmas, I backed my car out of a parking space and into another car:  no one hurt, and just a scratch to the other car, although there is a bit of damage to mine. The financial damage, on the other hand… well, let’s all just keep out fingers and toes crossed that  it’s not too bad.

I have spent the last 12 hours or so repeating, “At least no one was hurt, at least no one was hurt.”

I’m pretty much DONE with the days of Christmas, now, to be honest, but I’m thinking that if these things come in threes, that’s me used up all of my bad luck now, surely. Surely.

The fourth day of Christmas also brought these, courtesy of, whose Brand Ambassador programme I’m a part of:

Hopefully my luck is on the turn…