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Dress, Stop Staring; Shoes, Office, c/o. Idealo.co.uk

Yesterday was the 11th anniversary of my first “date” with Terry. Of course, yesterday was also a work day, so we decided to do our celebrating on Sunday instead, with a meal at a local restaurant and an opportunity for me to be totally overdressed as usual.

If you read Shoeperwoman, you’ll already have seen this dress, and even if you don’t, it’s the one I’m wearing in my Twitter avatar, my Facebook profile, the “About the author” box on this website… basically everywhere I’ve claimed a small piece of the Internet as my own, I’ve worn this dress on it. So I guess you could call it a favourite. You could also call it “That dress my parents bought me because they got sick of standing around in a dress shop while I agonised between it and another one.” Thanks, folks! (Yes, SPOILED.)

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter that you’ve seen the dress before, because this outfit was really all about the shoes:

Red high heel shoes

These are also one of my favourites, and they were also a gift, this time from Idealo.co.uk, who very kindly allowed me to run rampant on their website earlier this year, and chose some products to review. I picked these Office platforms, because although I already had eleventy-one pairs of red shoes at the time (Joking. I only had eight.) if there’s one thing I believe, it’s that you can never have too many pairs of red shoes. Or too many polka dot dresses. Or too many opportunities to wear both of them together, and pose like an idiot in them. Or… oh, you get the picture.

red Office shoes

These are actually much more comfortable than they probably look, which is a good thing given how often I wear them. As I’m fond of repeating over at Shoeperwoman, red shoes are more or less a “neutral” for me, because they work with so much of my wardrobe. Well, except for all the green dresses, obviously: if I tried that, people would probably revert back to using my childhood nickname, “Traffic Lights”, and God knows, it took long enough to get them to stop the first time…

red high heeled shoes

Oh, and just to prove that I do still have a head, even although I cropped it out of all of the other photos:

polka dot dress and red high heels

(I was doing a weird, squinty-eyed thing in all of them. In this one, I appear to be either standing on my toes (why?) or am about to levitate. Let’s pretend it’s the second option: it’ll make this post much more interesting…)

  1. You look absolutely gorgeous – I’m so glad you included a photo with your head! Your red shoes are amazing, and I still cannot get over your stunning shoe collection, & the way you store them.

  2. Aww, I love this outfit. And you know, it’s a natural law that red, white and navy look good together. A natural law like gravity. ARE YOU GOING TO FIGHT GRAVITY? No. So, as you were. You look gorgeous as ever x

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