Auld Lang Syne

glitter shoes with bow

Happy New Year, everyone!

I know I’m a little late to the party with my New Year post, but that’s actually quite fitting, as I was almost late to the ACTUAL party, too, having:

a) Managed to use rollers in such a way that my fringe ended up perpendicular to my head, and had to be held down with bobby pins.

b) Realised that I’d forgotten my phone, and that we would have to return to the house for it, because, OMG, how would the Internet manage without me tweeting on it, and posting Instagram photos of my shoes all night?

c) Sent Terry back into the house for said phone, only to realise after he’d been searching the house for it for five minutes that, whoops, it had been in my handbag all along! Sorry, Terry! (And then I didn’t tweet or Instagram once, all night. Huh.)

(Somehow in all of this, I managed to persuade the long-suffering Terry to snap these photos, too, although he had to take them in about 30-seconds flat, in a process which felt a lot like having a mugshot taken, not that I would know. If I ever DO have my mugshot taken, though, I fully expect I will try to put my hand on my hip and give a big smile…)

We spent the evening with both of our families, and a couple of friends, at a local restaurant which was hosting a New Yea’rs eve dinner/party. As some of you may recall, I absolutely loathe New Year, as I loathe any kind of reminder that hey, time’s a-wastin’! Not getting any younger! Or, as my mother-in-law would say, “You never know when you’re a-gonna go!” But if there is a good way to celebrate such a mournful (to me) occasion, then I guess surrounded by the people you love is the way to do it. And it definitely beats all of those years spent at home, watching the Edinburgh castle piper play his sad lament as the clock strikes midnight. It also beats all of those years spent looking at the clock and going, “Is that it? Has it happened yet? Do you think we’ve missed it?” In other words: a good time was had by all. Even me.

As for 2012, I know it’s customary for bloggers at this point to provide a perky list of resolutions, but because I don’t like to set myself up for failure, I haven’t made any, other than my usual two:

1. Remain alive

2. Buy shoes

I will definitely manage at least one of these.