Clarins Mineral Eye Shadow Palette

Last week I was thrilled to receive what I like to think of as a Dollface Care Pack – a selection of products from Clarins, which I’ve been having lots of fun trying out over the past few days!

Clarins has been one of my favourite skincare brands ever since my best friend introduced me to the brand when we were at university. I can’t afford to use the products all the time, but I do still return to it when I feel like indulging myself, and am never disappointed. For some reason, however, I hadn’t ever tried any of the makeup, so I instantly made a beeline for this mineral eye shadow quartet, which is called “Blue Sky”, but actually reminds me more of the sea, with its combination of green, blue and grey.

Clarins Blue Sky Eye PaletteThe packaging is almost as pretty as the colours themselves: these come in a satisfyingly heavy gold case, with a little gem clasp:

ClarinsThe four shadows all have a bit of shimmer to them, and can be used either dry, or applied with a damp brush, for a more intense colour. Although I’ve been wearing them dry on my eyes, the colours didn’t show up well on camera, so this swatch shows the “wet” version:

Clarins eyeshadow swatch

I really love these colours: as a pale-skinned redhead, I often find that the traditional “smoky eye” colours or black and silver are just too harsh for my complexion, and can leave me looking a bit more like one of The Undead than I normally do. When I do a smoky eye effect, then, I tend to go for either greens or browns, which are a little warmer, and look better with my skintone. The blue in this palette was a bit of a departure for me, and isn’t a colour I normally wear, but I applied it on the corner of the eye, with the sea green shade on the lid, the black in the corner and crease, and the white on the browbone, and really liked the effect: so much so that I’ve worn it a couple of times since I got it – quite unusual for me, because I normally just make do with eyeliner and mascara!

This palette is part of the Colour Breeze Spring collection, and there are seven other colour combinations to choose from:

Clarins Colour Breeze Collection

L-R: Violet, Smokey Passion, Rosewood

Clarins Colour Breeze Collection

L-R: Pastels, Nudes, Indigo


Left to my own devices, I would actually have been most likely to pick the palette I was sent (good job, Clarins), but I also LOVE the ‘Pastels’ palette (I’m currently obsessed with pastels), and, surprisingly for me, the ‘Violet’, which contains four beautiful shades of purple.

Clarins case

Which would you choose?

Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette, £30: click here to buy

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  1. I love experimenting with different colors of smokey eye, my current favorite is green (got a bourjoise kit last year which I love). I do want to try the violet set that you posted at the end, looks interesting!
    I haven’t used makeup by clarins, except for a blush which I *borrow* from my mother, but I do like their cremes 🙂

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