Messy Beehivehead

beehive and sunglasses

A few weeks ago, Terry decided that he hadn’t seen enough snow over the past couple of winters, so he and a couple of his friends booked a series of snowboarding lessons at a place in Glasgow. The lessons are mostly on a Sunday, and because my car is yet to be fixed after my little fender bender over Christmas, this means that I’m left home alone.

Now, I don’t know what you do when you have the house to yourself for several hours of a Sunday afternoon (I’m guessing probably NOT THIS, though…) but I experiment with ridiculous hairstyles:



Yeah. So, obviously I didn’t actually go out like this – it was a “strictly for fun, and also┬áboredom” thing – ┬ábut I’d always wanted to try out a massive beehive, and by that I don’t mean the little baby beehives I sometimes do with a bumpit, or that velcro thing I got from eBay that one time, but a proper Amy Winehouse/Marge Simpson/Patsy from AbFab kind of ‘hive. (Mostly Patsy, to be honest. Because when I’m older, I intend to make Pats my role model, and just be drunk all the time…)

black pumps

beehive hairdo

I will also wear sunglasses all the time, because… actually, because I do that anyway. People hate me for it. I don’t care.

I took the beehive down before Terry got home. I did show him the photos, though, and he kind of laughed in a strange way, and looked at me funny. Then I think I heard him calling his friends and saying he can’t leave me on my own no more, or he comes home to Snooki, apparently.

P.S. Those of you who asked me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: a ton of volumising powder, then a ton of backcombing. And seriously, that’s it.