So, after yesterday’s incident, in which Terry left the front door open all night, prompting the police to pay us a visit in the early hours of the morning, I resorted to desperate measures to make sure the same thing couldn’t happen with the BACK DOOR:

oh, ffs

What? A bit of an over-reaction, you think? Trust me, this particular event has been in the post for a loooong time now. A looong time. It was just… unfortunate… that it had to happen on the very day the doors in our house were already under a black cloud. And hey, isn’t it funny that we left the front door wide open, and then made sure it was totally impossible to get out of the back one? And by “funny”, I mean, “GAH, I’m going back to bed now. With wine.” Who knew doors would one day declare themselves The Enemy?

That’s how Terry came to spend all of Friday afternoon procuring, and then fitting, new locks and handles for both of our doors. It took a while. And it was FREEZING. Now our house is like Fort Knox, though: or, at least, it will be, assuming we actually remember to LOCK THE DAMN DOORS, FFS.

I don’t think he’ll be making THAT mistake again in a hurry, somehow.

We tried to rescue the day with a nice, relaxing evening, but right before we went to bed we let Rubin out, and he came back in like this:

I refer not to the OMGDEMONEYES, but to the mud on his face, paws and undercarriage. We don’t know what happened out there in the garden. We honestly don’t WANT to know. But it did mean that at 1am in the morning, we found ourselves facing a “Dog in the Bath” situation:

And that concluded our Friday the 13th. We’re not really looking forward to the next one…


  1. Just yeaterday I read this computers joke))
    Girl: The window won’t open(
    Boy (a programmer): What sort of message do you get?
    Girl: The handle broke off(
    sorry if it’s not funny but I had to, when I saw the first photo)) and Rubin looks like a very happy dog!

  2. Oh my goodness, you certainly had a very exciting Friday indeed!
    But you are also quite lucky that Rubin was only caked in mud. A few weeks ago our basset hound rolled into something incredibly foul smelling by the river. It was so horrible we had to walk home, because if that stench had gotten into the car we would have never gotten it out. It was the smell of very dead things which have been dead for a very… liquidy amount of time :/

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