FASHUN BLOGGING = SO HARD, you guys! Witness:

Terry photobomb


Rubin photobomb

Rubin photobomb 2

In other news (which will be totally repeated news if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter: sorry!), yesterday morning we woke up to this:

Well, actually we woke up in the middle of the night, to Rubin barking hysterically in order to alert us that the the house was falling down. It wasn’t, thankfully, but it really did sound like it for a while. This is the fourth time we’ve lost our fence in the past few weeks – I’d blame the fence, but everyone else’s was more or less the same. (And normally it just blows down: this time it snapped right out of the steel fence posts, thanks to our neighbour’s bin being thrown at it by the high winds.) We got off lightly, though: there was some pretty major damage around town/the country in general, and I from what I’ve heard, at least two people were killed, so we were lucky: fences can always be fixed…

    1. Thanks, Caroline – the dress was a Christmas gift from my parents. It was very clever of them, because, unbeknown to them, it had actually been on my wish list before it sold out online!

  1. You look fabulous!! WOW. And you got a flying dog (he’s so cue!!)! WOW!))
    But I wouldn’t expect otherwise from a Shoeperwoman))

    Really sorry to hear about casualties..

  2. You look lovely, and so does Rubin. Poor Terry, though, I’m sure he looks lovely too but that last photo really plucked at my heartstrings. His posture says it all.

  3. I’m still in Northern Ireland and the weather has been terrifying here too, with winds reaching almost 100mph – it’s certainly kept me awake at night, anyway! Glad it was just the fence that took the hurt in your case.

    Anyhow – yes, you’re looking fabulous as always too! And I’m also going to have to ramp up the shoe saving as I seem to have managed to acquire a further 6 pairs of shoes over Christmas…. eeep! x

    1. Hello, Six-Pairs-of-Shoes-Over-Christmas twin πŸ™‚ And I’m not even counting the two pairs I acquired just before that – *gulp*

  4. LOL! This is so funny. Invasion of The Rubin!! You look Fabolous as always. Did you cut your bangs? It’s a nice look on you. Sucks about your fence. That dress is look amazing on you. Remind me I need to get back in shape!! UGH, are you naturally fit? If not like what do you!!! lol

    1. Thanks so much πŸ™‚ I did have my hair trimmed, but it’s actually only a little shorter/blunter than it was before πŸ™‚ As for fitness, well, I’ve been more or less the same shape all of my adult life, but I’ve never really been into exercise/sport, so I wouldn’t really say I was naturally fit – I try to run to keep fit, but I’m just getting back into it after slacking off for most of last year: I need to make more of an effort this year!

      1. OHHH I’ve been trying a lot of different things to stay in shape but I don’t stick to it because it’s boring! Motivation is not my strong suit!

  5. Wow! *LOVE* those photos! You look vibrant! Love the fringe and your dress and the shoes are a perfect match! Gorgeous! Sorry about your fence though πŸ™‚

  6. Just had to comment on your fringe – it looks fabulous :-). (and what on earth possessed you to have another go?! ) glad you did though, worth the risk lol!

    Can Rubin actually fly, or was Terry his partner in crime? πŸ˜‰

    1. I’ve actually had a fringe of some description ever since I cut it last year – it’s just normally swept more to the side (or parted in the middle, when it was a bit longer)! This is just a bit blunter/shorter, but by this time next week it’ll probably have grown back out to where it was before πŸ™‚

  7. hahaha Love Rubin’s face on these pics! A flying dog! But of course, he’s a shoeperdog!
    I’m so sorry about your fence, but it’s a good thing that you’re all safe. Strong winds terrify me…
    And of course I had to comment on your outfit and your hair. You look gorgeous as always! The fringe and the new haircut is really nice, plus I love the color of the dress. And you look so thin! I wish I was that thin. I gained even more kilos during the holidays. I need to go on a diet really soon.

  8. WHEEZING FROM LAUGHTER. My favorite is the one where Rubin is clearly 40% into his photobombing routine and you’re continuing to smile at the camera with the dedication of a true fashion blogger.

  9. I LOVE the dress! Seriously, even when seeing the thumb nail on Facebook I stopped, said WOW and had to look at it better. Didn’t even see the photo bombing in the first pic ^^

    Oh, and the wolf is pretty as usual too πŸ™‚

  10. There must be some sort of fashion for crazy weather lately! Maybe you could grow a hedge instead of a fence and you won’t have to repair it so frequently…

  11. That is so funny, the dog! I’m so happy I found your blog. Not only are your outfits / style so very fun and inspiring, the way you write is completely charming and engaging.

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