As happy as I was to be sent this palette, I have to admit, I felt a little bit guilty about actually using it, because look:

Clarins Colour Breeze Face and Blush Powder Palette

That pattern is just too pretty to destroy by swiping a brush over it multiple times, isn’t it? That’s what I’ve been doing, though, in the name of Dollface research, and happily the pattern is holding up just fine so far, although I did take these photos before I touched it, just in case!

This is another item from Clarin’s Colour Breeze collection: the Face and Blush Powder Palette, which retails for £30. I’ve been dusting it all over my face, as a setting powder, rather than using it as a blusher, because the colour it creates isn’t deep enough to bring a flush to my pale cheeks. (You can use the pink shade on its own as a blusher if you want: I don’t, because it’s not a shade that suits me.) As a face powder, however, I really like it: the various different shades all blend together to create a delicate, peachy shade, which works perfectly on pale skin, adding just a tiny hint of colour, which is enough to bring some life to my complexion without looking too obvious: in fact, I didn’t photograph it on my skin, because you wouldn’t be able to tell I was wearing it in a photo!

Clarins Colour Breeze Face and Blush Powder Palette

Like the eyeshadow palette I showed you last week, this comes in a pretty, gold case, with a mirror in the lid. Lovely, no?

Clarins Colour Breeze Face and Blush Powder Palette, £30: click here to buy.

(Disclosure: I received this as a free of charge sample.)

  1. That palette is so cute and has been on my to-buy list for a while…after seeing your pics I think I’m finally going to pull the trigger and get it! Thanks for giving me the push I needed (although my wallet is crying). 🙂

  2. That looks very nice, I stay away from pretty things like that because I KNOW I will break it or just feel to guilty to use it, and what’s the point?

  3. I appreciate the varied palette. You can see that it has the highlighter/sheer finish, the rouge base, and a touch of bronzer. The problem with palettes like these is that it is difficult to define the apple and hollow of the cheek with a particular color. This is very important for very pale and very dark ladies. However, the fact that it’s in a compact shows it’s not for primary use, but for touch-ups throughout the day. Compacts like these are so nice when oil tends to build up in the creases of the face and dissolve the make up. This is why I prefer pouffes to brushes in compacts.

  4. bought this palette a few days ago along with their limited edition face palette for the holidays which weighs a ton! couldnt use them yet.they’re just to beautiful to use.
    its might expensive i should say for a 9g and 11g face powder.
    lucky you for getting this one for free! so jealous.

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