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I’ve been having a hectic few days, so am just popping very quickly to show you the contents of my January Glossybox which, coming at the end of the month, actually had more of a February/Valentine’s Day theme to it, what with the bright pink box, heart shaped stickers on the wrapping paper and, well, a little sweet which I might have eaten before I had a chance to photograph it. It was delicious, though.

So, in this month’s box we have…

Eyeko Skinny eyeliner

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner in Emerald Green (full size)
Glossybox did a good job in choosing the colour of this for me, because green, as well as being my favourite colour in general, is one of the most flattering shades for my skintone. I’ve used this a couple of times on the lower lid, and will try to review it soon!

FAB Gentle Bodywash (sample size)

I’m very much a “soap in the shower” girl, possibly because I’m clumsy, and I don’t like messing around opening and emptying out containers when they’re slippery and wet (at least, not any more than I have to). I’ve also never been much of a “posh body lotion” type of person so I wouldn’t buy this, purely because it’s £10, and my trusty bar of soap does the same job for much less. It was a nice product to use, though, while it lasted, with a very thick, luxurious kind of consistency.

Clarins Ultra Firming Day and Night CreamClarins Ultra Firming Day and Night Cream (sample sizes)

I’m not usually much of a fan of sample-sized skincare: I think that most skincare takes at least a couple of weeks for any effects to really be apparent – sometimes even longer – and sample sizes don’t really supply enough product to judge them on. As I mentioned in my post last week, however, I love Clarins skincare, and have actually used the Ultra Firming creams before, so these samples were definitely welcome!

Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer (sample)

I’ve yet to try this, but am looking forward to it because primers are one of my Very Favourite Things. It comes in both a matte finish and a dewy finish: Glossybox sent me the dewy version, which will be interesting, because my skin has a tendency towards shine, which means that “dewy” can mean “oil slick” in my case. This claims to be pore-minimising, however, and God knows, I could do with that, so I’ll give it a go and see what I think!

Anyone else get a Glossybox this month? What did you think?

(Disclosure: this was sent to me free of charge)


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  1. Ah, primer. How do I love thee….may I recommend Make Up For Ever All Mat? I’ve been using it for a few weeks and it has quickly become the Holy Grail. Beautiful velvet soft skin, invisible pores, makeup looks phenomenal…all day. Seriously. Applied at 8am, makeup still looks pristine at 8pm. Incredible stuff – I highly recommend!

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